Weekly recap.

Back to work, the dentist, swim team, and softball! What a week.

Monday, May 16

Monday was my first day back to work after my long maternity leave. It’s been wonderful staying home with Hadley and Huxley all this time. It’s been a little taste of stay-at-home mom life, which isn’t easy. All good things must come to an end sometime. I spent the first day back working from home, and with a baby proved to be very difficult. I felt guilty a lot during the day, but I had to push through.

Tuesday, May 17

Tuesday was the hardest day of the week! Went to the actual office, and it was everything I’d imagined it would be. More on that later. My parents helped out with Hadley and Huxley, and I managed to pump more than I normally do in one sitting at home! Came home to take Hadley to her dentist checkup, and no cavities! After the dentist, we had swim team sign ups. This will be her first year doing swim team, and she can’t wait. She’s the bravest kid I know, still wanting to do swim team and not knowing a soul on the team. I can’t wait to re-live my swim team days through my child. I swam grade school, all the way up through high school! This was our busiest day of the week!

Wednesday, May 18

While my mom was watching Huxley the day before, she ordered him a new toy. He loves it! You forget how fast the newborn stage goes and how they start to need toys to at least look at during this stage. Kevin cut the lawn before it rained, still can’t get over how good it looks since we moved in three years ago. Our poor neighbor across the street, is in the beginning stages of going from septic to sewer. Hadley and Dad just chilling with Huxley and his new toy, he likes it so far. We’ve always gotten gas together to use our fuel points, and now with the insane gas prices we make it a point to not fill up unless we both can.

Thursday, May 19

Thursday was the first day I had worked out all week! It felt great. Huxley was a little more patient on this day, and I felt a little less guilty too.

Friday, May 20

Made it through the first week back to work! Wasn’t too terrible, but I am tired and glad it’s over!

Saturday, May 21

Hadley had two softball games this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Kevin loves coaching her team, hopes to do it all the way through eighth grade. On Saturday, she got to hang with her friend in the concession stand while her dad umpired a game, before our game. Someone posted this saying about kids and sports on Facebook and I just loved it, so I put it here on the blog to remember. Kids do not care about much except that you show up to watch them play. I always feel so guilty talking to the other parents during games, because I want to watch, but I also want to socialize too. It’s hard, but this saying is so so true! After all the games, Kevin came home and passed out. Poor guy was up the night before at the firehouse, then umpired games, and then coached Hadley. He was pooped. So we had a little mini movie night, popcorn on the floor while watching EnCanto again!

Sunday, May 22

Worked out first thing Sunday morning! Hadley had another game, and my parents came. They played for a little bit, and then the game was called due to rain. Hadley is getting soo much better, she’s starting to understand the concept of the game more. She’s a great fielder!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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