Last day of first grade.

Today was the last day of first grade for my little Hadley! I think every parent says this every year, but I cannot believe we will have a second grader this August. Time goes so damn fast, it’s unreal.

Started off the morning with our traditional “last day” photo on the front porch. She got her summer haircut yesterday, so her hair is looking all fresh!

The way I framed these photos is hard to tell, but she has grown a little taller this year. And it cracks me up how she changes what she wants to be when she grows up multiple times a year. The beginning of the school year was a doctor, and by the end of the school year it was a zookeeper. She does love animals!

I was able to attend her last all school mass for the year. Little did I know, almost every kids parent would be there. By the time I dropped her off for school, came home and fed Huxley, and managed to throw on some makeup and freshen up, it was time for church.

She won the Top Mathlete award for her class this trimester! Her teacher emailed her Dad and I letting us know she was getting an award if we wanted to attend church and the award ceremony afterwards. She was over the top excited. I took a video of her receiving the award, and she was almost skipping back to our seats, it was so cute.

We started a tradition last year, balloons in the car to celebrate the last day of school! When she got in the car, she was super excited, and said she forgot about the balloons! Every kid loves balloons, and it makes for a very fun car ride! haha

Another last day of school tradition, I get her a few things to celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer. I bought a hot pink water bucket and filled it with some goodies. Nothing major expensive, just small little items that made her smile!

After school got out, some of the class all went bowling! It was fun, and a little loud to watch a bunch of six/seven year olds bowling together. After bowling, she went over to a friend’s house to hang out for a little bit too. She had a busy, fun filled last day of first grade that’s for sure!

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