9 months of Huxley.

Eating like a champ, tries all the food we eat and hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet.
Loves toast and eggs for breakfast.
Still in size 4 diapers.
Clothes are ranging from 12 months to 18 months.
Pulls himself up on everything, the stairs, the vacuum, the garbage can, almost anything that is taller than him he wants to climb and stand up.
Crawls on all fours sometimes, but still likes to do the army crawl.
One big tooth on the bottom, and three other teeth pushing through the gums as we speak.
Survived the time change like a champ.
Thought he had an ear infection, turns out he just figured out he has ears.
Had his first cold, congested, runny nose, the works, and pushing through it.
Even being a little sickie, he has still slept so well! It’s been amazing.
After his last bottle before bed, he’ll look over at his books like he’s ready to read before bed.
Measuring off the charts in height, the doc literally said greater than 99% in height.
Weighs 22.6 pounds.

My little nine-month-old, we love you so much.

Hadley is 8.

Our little girl turns eight today! Sweet Hadley Mae! We celebrated this weekend by having eight of her friends over for a party! I’ve struggled with this for a while, but the last few years we decided to invite however many friends to celebrate as the age she is turning. So, for her eighth birthday, she had eight friends over. It’s too much for me to have a ton of friends at a party, there are too many to invite when you have three different classes of second graders. We narrow it down to the age she is turning, which might change in a few years but for now it works!

This year she chose an animal themed party, she just loves going to the zoo and loves all the animals!

I bought a few toy animals from Kroger actually and made them each little party hats! Hadley wanted a simple cake this year, just animals and a number eight!

For the food, I went simple and did snacks only. Since the time of the party wasn’t really during lunch or dinner, so I just did some snacks. I was shocked, but the girls actually asked for more fruit!

Instead of the traditional favors kids get at a birthday party, I got each of the girls a stuffed animal that started with the same initial as their name! I made them all their own lanyards and a few fun facts about their animal. They all loved it! After they all got their animals, and had fun with them for a little bit, they made collars for their animal.

After they made all of the collars, we had Doctor Kevin come in and give a health check to all the animals. It was so funny listening to all the girls come up with symptoms their animal has, and then the diagnosis Doctor Kevin came up with. The girls were laughing needless to say!

The activities I had planned didn’t last very long! So, we came up with the idea of doing a tic tac toe challenge! We had all the girls partner up, and whoever was the first to win three games won, and then so on and so on. Turns out that Miss Camryn is the tic tac toe queen!

Cake and present time! It’s so cute watching Hadleys friends watch her open her presents, who is super into cards, and who is super observant on gifts, etc. I love all the different personalities!

Some of the girls were posing like their animal would, they were really having fun with them.

Aren’t they adorable? I think they all had fun! Happy 8th birthday to our sweet Hadley Mae!

Outdoor Fall Activities.

My daughter has been off school the last two days, one for Halloween and the next day was for meeting her school’s walkathon goal! After the first day of being home, and watching Netflix almost all day, I had to come up with something to get her mind off of the tv.

I went to my favorite creative search engine Pinterest and found two fun and super easy fall activities that we could do outside. I searched for outdoor activities because it’s been so nice out the past two days and a change of scenery always does a body good.

The first activity we did was an outdoor scavenger hunt. I literally printed off the first easy one I found, and that is it! The outdoor scavenger hunt we used was from the Science Kiddo.

The only one we didn’t check off was a pinecone, we don’t have any pinecones anymore in our yard since we chopped down the pine trees! We used a clipboard, loaded Huxley in the stroller, and walked around our own yard.

The second one we did was an outdoor adventure hunt, I printed off the list and had Hadley tape the list on a brown paper bag. When she found each item, we would toss it in the bag, and cross off the list. It doesn’t really matter, since we aren’t turning this in anywhere, just doing it for our own fun. Huxley loved being in the stroller without his car seat, and watching his big sister find all the items. Hadley was soo into this, she’s just like her mom and loves to cross off a list!

The last one we did was a leaf hair craft. We printed off this blank head, went outside and gathered some random leaves, came inside and glued the leaves on the head. It was fun to do with her, and she loved it!

We used a regular glue stick, which worked out great!

The leaf hair craft was fun and so easy to do. We used scissors to cut off the stems of the leaves, so they didn’t break the leaves, and just a glue stick. So, all you really need are those two items! The leaf hair craft is from Glued To My Crafts.

We had so much fun doing these super simple fall outdoor activities. All it takes is a little searching, printing off some paper, and just your individual time for your kiddo. It doesn’t take much to entertain kids, it’s all about the process and how engaged you are with them. Hadley will remember today, and what we did outside much more than watching Netflix inside on the couch!

Second grader.

We have an official second grader! First day of school today. It was a super late start since the school is getting air conditioning and it wasn’t ready in time for school to start last week. We didn’t mind the extra days, we had a great summer!

The day before school, we spent most of the day getting things ready and organized. Put her name on all her supplies, took the tags off the new socks and undies, etc. And, she had a surprise package on the front porch! From Aunt Amy / Godmother, a back to school goodie bag! It was so cute!

I bought a new chore chart to start off this school year with. We were a little lenient with chores over the summer, so I thought a fresh clean slate would be a good idea. I had Hadley pick a few chores, and I picked the rest.

I don’t know how old these types of books go as far as grade wise goes, but I just love them. It helps calm the nerves a little bit, and it’s something fun. I’ve gotten her this type of book since kindergarten. She was excited to read the book the night before school, and to sleep on her new pillowcase from Aunt Amy.

I started this tradition in kindergarten also, and she’s loved it ever since! Super cute idea, and another thing to help calm the nerves.

Fun little things for her first day morning. Kroger was completely out of donuts! So, we made cinnamon rolls last night and was going to reheat them this morning. She was too nervous to eat, but the option was there if she wanted something.

Traditional front porch photo! I look forward to these photos every single year, they are just the best. I love watching her grow up.

I think we are passed the tears phase of the first day of school, she was super excited and all smiles. She was definitely nervous, but the good kind of nervous. We arrived at school a tad later than I’d like, but we waited on Dad to make it home from the firehouse so he could see her off on her first day.

After school pickup, and happy as can be! Tuesdays are going to be her ICEE days; we always get an ICEE on a specific day each week. Something to look forward to!

We had steak for dinner tonight! Everyone’s favorite meal. Hadley had mac and cheese, and we had asparagus. Delicious! It feels so weird starting school after Labor Day this year but was also nice to have an extra week of summer.

Happy new school year to all the kiddos!

Pink hair.

Hadley has been wanting to get pink hair, ever since she saw her friend doing it to her hair earlier this summer. Since she’s on swim team, I asked my hair girl if it will come out in the pool. She said yes. So, we decided to wait until swim team was over.

We went to my hair girl at the salon to get this done, because I do not trust myself to do it! Hadley was beyond excited! Plus, we made it a mom and me date and left the boys at home. She looked so grown up with foils in her hair.

The color is not permanent, and it won’t damage her beautiful natural blond hair. The color will come out in a few weeks after a few washes in the shower. When we do go to the pool, which is fairly often, the color will come out immediately in the pool. At the pool, she’ll wear her swim cap from swim team. I am curious though, how long she’ll really wear a swim cap at the pool! I’m glad we went to the salon and had a professional do it, because I could never ruin her gorgeous long locks if I did this from a box!

Memorial Day Weekend and first day as SAHM!

The past few days have been nothing short of amazing. It’s been so freeing knowing I’m not going back to work. I know this is all new, and everything is super awesome in the beginning of anything new. I’d love to look back at this day, a few years from now and compare how I feel. I have a feeling I’ll pretty much feel the same way since I’ve been working my entire adult life!!!!

So, let’s start out this post with a huge photo dump of the past few days.

Memorial Day Weekend


Started off the weekend by working out in the morning, with the pile of things from my office. Hadley gave me the idea to put “no more work” on our little sign where the coffee stuff is. And Hadley spent a little time with Grandma and Grandad, did a little shopping, and just hung out.


Kevin convinced me to go to the lake a day earlier than I originally wanted to. His umpire games got cancelled due to rain, and we had nothing else going on. My cousin and her husband were in town and got to give Huxley some lovin! He was up once this night, but did pretty good for sleeping in a new place for the first time.


Started out the morning by going on a mile walk by myself, it was nice to have some solo time and just breath in the lake air. Came back to the house and ate some breakfast, while Brady and his friend took the girls on a gator ride. What is it with teenagers wearing hoodies when it’s hot out??? Kevin and I took the boat out for a ride by ourselves, and to put some gas in the boat. Gas prices on the lake were $5.39 a gallon. Not too terrible compared to in town I guess. Huxley fell asleep with his Grandma, while we hung out on the dock. Hadley just loves the lake, she’s so happy there like 95% of the time. After one of Huxleys feedings, we took him out on his first boat ride while Hadley tubed with her cousin. He did so great he fell asleep! Had a delicious brisket for dinner that Kevin smoked all day, it was so good!


We left the lake mid-morning, and headed home to check out the pool. We joined a pool for the summer and couldn’t wait to check it out. So why not visit a pool on the day 99% of the population are off work? It was packed. So packed we had to get a spot on the lawn, but at least it was in the shade. We had so much fun hanging with our cousins. The pool had shaved ice for the day, and every kid loves that stuff.


First day at home and not working, Hadley and I decided last minute to head to the pool today, and it was not crowded at all. After the pool, we went home to change and feed Huxley, then went back to the pool for swim team practice. Swim team is something totally new for Hadley, and she did so good for not doing it before. I’m glad Kevin got to see her practice. Then we headed to Zip Dip, a local ice cream place to treat the girls on the softball team for our end of the year season being over.

The last few days have been so fun, a little exhausting but so fun! Hadley kept saying it was the best day, all day long. Since this weekend started, Huxley has decided he likes to get up twice during the night now. Not so fun. I think going to the lake threw him off a little bit, but we’ll get back to our routine of sleeping pretty good at night.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We sure did!

Last day of first grade.

Today was the last day of first grade for my little Hadley! I think every parent says this every year, but I cannot believe we will have a second grader this August. Time goes so damn fast, it’s unreal.

Started off the morning with our traditional “last day” photo on the front porch. She got her summer haircut yesterday, so her hair is looking all fresh!

The way I framed these photos is hard to tell, but she has grown a little taller this year. And it cracks me up how she changes what she wants to be when she grows up multiple times a year. The beginning of the school year was a doctor, and by the end of the school year it was a zookeeper. She does love animals!

I was able to attend her last all school mass for the year. Little did I know, almost every kids parent would be there. By the time I dropped her off for school, came home and fed Huxley, and managed to throw on some makeup and freshen up, it was time for church.

She won the Top Mathlete award for her class this trimester! Her teacher emailed her Dad and I letting us know she was getting an award if we wanted to attend church and the award ceremony afterwards. She was over the top excited. I took a video of her receiving the award, and she was almost skipping back to our seats, it was so cute.

We started a tradition last year, balloons in the car to celebrate the last day of school! When she got in the car, she was super excited, and said she forgot about the balloons! Every kid loves balloons, and it makes for a very fun car ride! haha

Another last day of school tradition, I get her a few things to celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer. I bought a hot pink water bucket and filled it with some goodies. Nothing major expensive, just small little items that made her smile!

After school got out, some of the class all went bowling! It was fun, and a little loud to watch a bunch of six/seven year olds bowling together. After bowling, she went over to a friend’s house to hang out for a little bit too. She had a busy, fun filled last day of first grade that’s for sure!

Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5th, which commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza (source). In reality, it’s just a day to drink margaritas and have white cheese and chips am I right?

While my daughter was at school, I rummaged through our basement storage closet and found these fiesta decorations from my grad party a few years ago. Perfect to celebrate today!

It’s always a good day when your baby sleeps long enough for you to shower and feel human! Wore my favorite “Mama Cita” shirt for the day, and some fun earrings from Amazon.

After school, I surprised Hadley by picking up white cheese to go. She would have white cheese everyday if we’d let her, she loves it that much. She was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait for her to see the table when we got home.

When we got home, Huxley had fallen asleep in his car seat, so we left him in there for a little bit. Long enough for us to enjoy our white cheese just the two of us! She was super happy to have some one on one time with me.

We attempted to put Huxley in his burrito outfit / swaddle, and he squirmed his way out of it super-fast. He’s not a fan of the swaddle, but it was so cute not to take a photo at least. My friend Kristin gifted this to him, and it came with the cutest little taco booties! He was moving so fast it was hard to take a good photo.

After the failed burrito swaddle attempt, we changed him into his taco footies, much comfier!

Once Huxley woke up, we brought him out with us to keep him occupied. He loves this swing, and after he’s fed, he’ll just chill in there for a while. We got to have a nice peaceful dinner tonight! Love a day that celebrates white cheese! Didn’t have any margaritas, but still enjoyed the day with my girl! Super simple things to make after school and dinner a little extra.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

From the weekend.

Friday. Started out with a walk on our favorite trail, and Hadley riding her bike. I just love it when she wants to come with me. It gives her exercise, and fresh air! She was off school for her festival set up. The first day of the festival! We were so excited to go this year! Last year it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I’ve waited so many years to go to our own school festival, and it was finally here. We played games, rode the rides, listened to the band play, and just hung out with friends. Hadley and her bestie! We had the best time, and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Saturday. We went to see the big kids all dolled up for Homecoming. Brady is a junior, and Natalie is a freshman. They were taking pictures with their dates at a park near downtown. I’m glad we were able to see them and got a few photos! Even Dad got to stop by while he was hard at work. Hadley and I came home and washed my car, the weather has been just gorgeous.

Sunday. More festival time! Face painting, rides, games, and more food. Natalie joined us for a little bit, she even tried the famous west side Pizza from Trottas and her picky little self loved it! So good. I’m so glad we have this community at school and in our parish, it’s been fun getting to know the parents and kiddos. I can’t wait for many more festivals!

One week of first grade.

Today marks the first full week of First grade for our sweet Hadley. All of last week, her school went half days only because of the heat. This week has been a little on the cooler temperatures compared to the high humidity of last week. I feel so bad for all the kids having to wear masks in this heat, just hate it. But like most kids, they all get used to everything.

Soccer practice was indoors last week due to the heat, again! The girls loved practicing inside and kicking the ball in the gym.

The first week of school is always a little rough, super tired and early bed times when we we’re not having sports or things to do.

Just like last year, she is still doing so great with homework. At the first grade level, they don’t have too much but she has gotten into an awesome routine with it. She comes home after school, washes her hands, sometimes changes her clothes, and does homework right away. Then she has the rest of the night to chill, watch TV, sports practices, etc.

She was such a trooper for her first week of school.  She loves not being the youngest in the school anymore, and helps some kindergartners find their way around school. We are so proud of our big first grader!

Happy end of August. I’m ready for a new month!