Friday favorites.

Happy July 1st! Just love the start of a new month! Here are a few favorites I’m loving from this week! Are you ready for the holiday weekend, and the hot weather?


Every time we go to the lake, Kevin makes the best bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Sometimes it’ll be on a bagel, or toast, and the way the cheese just melts is so good. And he makes the best eggs!


I cannot find a link to this life jacket, since it’s super super old. It’s been at the lake for many years, probably at least 17 or 18 years. Anyways, Huxley loved the life jacket! Most babies hate this thing when they are little, and I don’t blame them because look at it? Doesn’t it look miserable? Well, not to my little Huxley. He loved it, smiled the entire time he had it on.


Now that we have a pool membership, I bought this little floatie for Huxley. We used it for the first time this week, and he loved it! Took him a minute to relax, since he’s laid back, but he did like it. Float linked here.


This baby tent was another purchase for the pool, and we also used it for the first time this week. He slept about an hour in this thing! We stripped him down to his diaper, put the portable stroller fan and travel sound machine inside, and he was out. It was amazing! This would be great at the beach too, if you have a little one. Tent linked here.


We use this sound machine for Huxley for bedtime, and it’s amazing. I love it so much I want one for myself! You can choose the color for the nightlight, you can choose the sound, and can also choose the volume level. We even take it with us when we go to the lake for the weekends and use it there. Babies like routine, so I like to keep the bedtime routine pretty much the same as we do at home. Sound machine linked here. (Bonus – $10 off coupon on Amazon).

Happy weekend everyone!

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