Our July 4th Weekend.

Recapping our July 4th weekend, lots of pool time and some fireworks.

Friday July 1

Walked at my favorite trail, it was early enough in the morning where it wasn’t too terribly hot for Huxley, but I broke out a sweat for sure. Hadley was at summer camp, while we chilled at home. At night before bedtime, Hadley read Huxley a book and then we went to bed.

Saturday July 2

Huxley woke up a little earlier than normal, and didn’t go back to sleep like he usually does. So his “longer” nap happened a little later. I surprised Hadley with donuts and red/white/blue sprinkles for breakfast on our way to the zoo! We could go to the zoo every week, we love it that much. I really like getting there at 9am before it’s open to the public at 10am. By 11am / 12pm, we are about ready to go! Hadley got a henna tattoo, which was pretty cool looking. Huxley slept through his first zoo train ride. After the zoo, we visited Kevin at the firehouse. Hadley loves going there, she always gets some sort of popsicle and hanging out with Dad is always fun.

Once we got home and chilled, Huxley took a pretty good nap and then we headed to the pool after dinner! There were maybe 10 people there total, it was awesome.

Sunday July 3

Worked out in the morning before Huxley woke back up and made patriotic cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Made a fun little scavenger hunt for Hadley, she just loves these so much! They are so easy to do, just look on Pinterest for some free printable ones, and then get some small cheap goodies for the beginning and end, and you have one happy kiddo. To start off the scavenger hunt, she had tattoos, and then at the end was fireworks, and taffy. Super simple, and so fun for Hadley!

I started wearing the baby carrier for Huxley when I watered the flowers and did some laundry. He’s getting heavier, but it was still much easier to do things this way than actually holding him. Earth shattering news I now, sometimes it takes me a little longer to figure things out haha

After dinner, we did the fireworks that I felt safe doing on my own. We left the fireworks that looked a little more involved for Kevin. We plan to do those this week when he’s home for a night. The weather was awesome, not too humid, and a nice breeze.

Monday July 4

Starting off our fourth by having swim team practice. Sounds weird right? But we went, and she had fun like always. After swim practice, went home to get ready and headed over to a friend’s house for a pool party! We normally go to the lake for this weekend, but with Kevin having to work a lot we decided to stay home this year. It was a little different, but still had fun! So anyways, it was fun hanging out at the pool. Huxley was amazing as always; he fell asleep while my friend held him and then once he woke up was so good the rest of the time. Hadley was in heaven, if she’s by any body of water she’s happy as can be!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! Back to the grind.

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  1. Those cinnamon swirls look so delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your blog, hope you have a great week ahead!

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