Patriotic Decor Ideas.

When you want to feel patriotic, there is no better way than to decorate your house! Am I right? Whether you are decorating for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day, these super simple decorating ideas are very easy!

Each year for the summer holidays, I typically start decorating either Memorial Day or July 4th weekend and keep it up until school starts, or Labor Day.

For the fireplace mantel, I’ll stick random things here and there. I have a red/white/blue candle holder that has nothing in them, use them strictly for the color scheme. A white wooden liberty sign, that I think I got at Hobby Lobby awhile back. Stick a few American flags in the fake flowers, and the USA banner taped to the mantel.

In our downstairs bathroom, the only patriotic decor I have is this Home of the Brave sign. I do have red, white, and blue hand towels somewhere just haven’t gotten those out yet.

Our little letterboard sign in the kitchen gets changed out pretty often, it’ll get changed for the next event or whatever comes up next. Whatever warrants something cool to say! haha

Patriotic towels on the oven from your local Kroger.

In the dining room bar cart, I have some plastic cups that say, “hooray USA” and “stars and stripes”. I filled them with paper straws and some patriotic taffy.

For the dining room table, all I did was put a plastic American flag tablecloth on and that’s it!

It’s very easy to decorate for holidays, with little time and on a budget. Some items I’ll save throughout the years and some things I’ll pick up when it’s on sale or a good deal. I love decorating for all the seasons!

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