Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Last swim team practice, swim team finals, housesitting, and boating on the river!

Monday July 11

Morning time has been so chill this summer. Hadley doesn’t have to get up super early, and Huxley and I are always already awake either feeding him in his room or just hanging out. We headed off to Hadleys last swim team practice of the season! Then we went to Sams Club, Hadley just loves that place now. It’s like a giant mall to her. She’s become a fan of the book section, I hope she grows up to be a book reader because her Dad and I did not. I love to read on vacation, but with kids it’s kind of hard at this age. After Sams Club I managed to workout really quick, and then we started to get ready for her swim team finals. Kevin took her since they have to get there super early for warm-ups, etc. Huxley and I came later so we had time to feed him at least one more time before we went. The finals were super crowded, but fun for Hadley since she got to see some of her classmates on the other team. I need to go through and compare her swim times, but I can pretty much bet she improved so much since her first swim meet.

Tuesday July 12

Took a walk around our neighborhood, and love seeing our boat in the driveway, but I am kind of waiting for the day to park my car back in the garage! Smoothie and egg wrap for breakfast. Picked up Hadley mid-day from summer camp, so she could go to a friend’s birthday party. Kevin started waxing the boat, we try to do this at the beginning of each boating season but this year we were kind of busy. Picked up Hadley from the birthday party, and she came home with some cute goodies. After the birthday party, Hadley and I had a mother-daughter day date to the salon. I got my normal highlights and trim, and Hadley got pink hair! I was a little nervous for this, but it’s not permanent and she loved it so much! After our hair appointment, we went over to our neighbor’s house to check on the cat. And Hadley always likes to feel the pool on our way out to see if it’s warm or cold.

Wednesday July 13

Two months into this stay-at-home gig, and I still can’t believe it. I started putting Huxley in the carrier when I vacuum or do things around the house, and I cannot stop laughing at myself. I find it so comical, but so effective because I can get things done when he’s not napping! Our hydrangeas are blooming, they look so pretty! I read somewhere a trick for hydrangeas, put your hose nozzle on the soaker setting and let it sit at the root for 15-20 minutes once to twice a week and the hydrangeas will stand straight up and not slouch to the side. I’m going to try it! Went over to the neighbor’s pool to put our feet in after we checked on the cat. On the days Kevin is at the firehouse, bedtime can sometime be a little more involved. Hadley still likes one of us to lay with her before she falls asleep, and on the nights, Kevin is not home it’s hard to feed Huxley and lay with her so I always check on her after I’m done with Huxley. And nine times out of ten, she’s passed out.

Thursday July 14

Hadley in the boat helping Dad clean it! We went to the movie theater to see the new Jurassic World movie, I’m so glad I finally have a fan of the movies in my family because Kevin is not haha Anyway, we are almost a quarter of the way through the movie, and it starts to get a little scary for Hadley, so we left. The other movies weren’t as violent so I thought it would be okay, but it wasn’t. Oh well, we’ll try again and see a more kid friendly one for sure. While we were at the movies, Dad and Huxley ventured over to the pool to swim for a little bit.

Friday July 15

Our morning started off with the usual getting Huxley out of bed, or sometimes he’s already up and awake. Hadley loves to be the first one to see him in the mornings. She took her job of watching the neighborhoods cat very seriously all week!

We took our boat out on the river for the first time and had a blast! Since they banned surfing on our lake we always go to, it was so fun to see Kevin surf again. Hadley was such a trooper and tried to surf and wakeboard! She almost got up on the surfboard, and only tried once on the wakeboard. It was such a nice night, I could’ve stayed out for hours.

Saturday July 16

Walked in the morning around the neighborhood and had a delivery of “just because” flowers from Kevin! Soo pretty!

Sunday July 17

Took a walk around the neighborhood, with both my sidekicks. The two big kids Brady and Natalie were over but sleeping. We pretty much hung out all day while Kevin slept, he had a rough night at the firehouse. Then we all had Chipotle for dinner, a whopping $42 later! Everything seems so much pricier nowadays. And then ended the weekend by watching Yes Day on Netflix.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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