Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Lots of walks, swimming, and boating on the river again!

Monday July 18

Love our walks in the morning after we drop off Hadley to summer camp. Sometimes we go to the trail, or around the neighborhood, or an at home workout. After Kevin got off work from his second job, we headed to the pool for an after dinner swim.

Tuesday July 19

Walked around the neighborhood in the morning, and then had Chick-fil-a for dinner. Hadley is slowly starting to try more and more different foods. She gets chicken nuggets and a fruit cup there, and even got her to try the sauce! She wasn’t a fan, but I’m so glad she’s trying new things.

Wednesday July 20

In the mornings, Huxley likes to look out the window from his room. We’ll talk about the birds, trees, and all the things. Another morning walk, it was hot and humid this time. I find myself walking faster at the trail verses at home around the neighborhood. I always play games with myself and try to beat everyone ahead of me and try to pass them all haha Later on in the afternoon, I tried to cut the grass with Huxley in the baby carrier but it was too hard. So I put him in the jumping thing in the garage, and I managed to cut half the grass before he started fussing. Our neighbors came over and gave Hadley the sweetest card for watching their cat, and watering their flowers while they were on vacation. She took her job so serious and did a great job! When Kevin got home from his second job, he and Huxley both took a little snooze on the couch. The hydrangeas are blooming, they look amazing! While Kevin and Hadley went to watch Brady play baseball, Huxley and I stayed home and I gave him a bath.

Thursday July 21

Walked around the neighborhood in the morning, it’s getting hot most mornings! Later in the evening, Kevin set up the blow up movie screen and we watched a movie in the front yard. It was comical. We’re testing it out to see how it works, and going to have a movie night with the neighbors next month.

Friday July 22

Went over to a friends pool for the day, we had so much fun hanging out with friends and our kiddos. They all played games in the pool, and had root beer floats, it was a good time. After Hadley went to bed, which was early tonight because she was so tired from the pool, I gave Huxley cereal for the first time. He wasn’t really a fan, but we’ll keep trying.

Saturday July 23

Morning smiles from the little man. He is usually super happy when he wakes up in the mornings. We took our morning walk at a different trail, went to the Veterans Park by our house. Hadley wasn’t a fan because she took her scooter, and wore crocs, and was sweating haha Came home, showered, and Hadley tried to get Huxley to sleep but had no luck. So she showed him Cocomelon on her iPad, oh lord it begins! We blew up the little baby pool, and hung outside for a little bit. The water was a little cold because Hadley was too impatient to wait and let it get warm so they both sat in the pool with cold water. Huxley was loving it being in the little pool with Hadley, he’s almost sitting up by himself which will be awesome!

Sunday July 24

Morning walk at the trail! Another hot one! Went through the car wash after the trail and dried it off and sprayed some tire shine when we got home. Later on in the day, we went boating on the river again! We had a lot of fun, and the boys got to surf again. It’s fun going up and down the river, going past the city, and just looking at everything. Fun times!

Happy Monday! Have a great week everyone!

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