Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog today! Lots of walks to finish out the month of July, end of year swim banquet, and the Reds game!

Monday July 25

Walking has become a routine just about daily! We visited our local library to get Hadley her very own card. I don’t know why we haven’t gone before now. The library was super nice to her, let her pick out a book to take home for free if she joined the summer reading program and had to finish three goals by the end of July.

Tuesday July 26

We went to the Reds game! The seats were amazing, and Hadley had so much fun. She loves going to the games, and Huxley was an angel. We sat in front of some scouts, and they’ve been to a lot of games, right? One of them said to my husband, that’s a really good baby! The best part for me was, as we were leaving Kevin couldn’t find our car in the garage. We basically walked for a while, so I got a lot of steps in this day.

Wednesday July 27

Worked out at home since it was raining, did one of those YouTube walk a mile workout. Some nights I have to put Huxley in the baby carrier to do anything but made some chicken with Chick-fil-a sauce! Soo good!

Thursday July 28

The trail I walk at was so crowded, I had to park down the street at the school lot. It was later in the morning than my usual time, so I guess that’s why. Around dinner time, Hadley had her end of the year swim team banquet. They ordered pizza, and gave out a few awards while most of the kids just swam including us.

Friday July 29

Another crowded trail day, so took the daily photo in the car. And then we headed to the lake for two days.

Saturday July 30

Stayed at the lake for just a few hours, wanted to get home and settle in before Kevin had to work on Sunday. Once we got everything unloaded, we walked around the neighborhood and handed out invites to our movie night this week!

Sunday July 31

Walked around the neighborhood, Hadley joined the neighbors as they were giving away free cookies but had a tip jar lol, and Hadley lost her front tooth!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week!

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