Second grader.

We have an official second grader! First day of school today. It was a super late start since the school is getting air conditioning and it wasn’t ready in time for school to start last week. We didn’t mind the extra days, we had a great summer!

The day before school, we spent most of the day getting things ready and organized. Put her name on all her supplies, took the tags off the new socks and undies, etc. And, she had a surprise package on the front porch! From Aunt Amy / Godmother, a back to school goodie bag! It was so cute!

I bought a new chore chart to start off this school year with. We were a little lenient with chores over the summer, so I thought a fresh clean slate would be a good idea. I had Hadley pick a few chores, and I picked the rest.

I don’t know how old these types of books go as far as grade wise goes, but I just love them. It helps calm the nerves a little bit, and it’s something fun. I’ve gotten her this type of book since kindergarten. She was excited to read the book the night before school, and to sleep on her new pillowcase from Aunt Amy.

I started this tradition in kindergarten also, and she’s loved it ever since! Super cute idea, and another thing to help calm the nerves.

Fun little things for her first day morning. Kroger was completely out of donuts! So, we made cinnamon rolls last night and was going to reheat them this morning. She was too nervous to eat, but the option was there if she wanted something.

Traditional front porch photo! I look forward to these photos every single year, they are just the best. I love watching her grow up.

I think we are passed the tears phase of the first day of school, she was super excited and all smiles. She was definitely nervous, but the good kind of nervous. We arrived at school a tad later than I’d like, but we waited on Dad to make it home from the firehouse so he could see her off on her first day.

After school pickup, and happy as can be! Tuesdays are going to be her ICEE days; we always get an ICEE on a specific day each week. Something to look forward to!

We had steak for dinner tonight! Everyone’s favorite meal. Hadley had mac and cheese, and we had asparagus. Delicious! It feels so weird starting school after Labor Day this year but was also nice to have an extra week of summer.

Happy new school year to all the kiddos!

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