Fall home decor 2022.

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing some fall / Halloween decor throughout our home. Even though it’s pretty warm outside, decorating for the changing of seasons helped me get in the mood a little bit more.

When you first walk in our front door, the only fall decor you’ll see is the little pumpkin season yard stick in our flowerpot. I might get some mums for the porch this year, but I’ve not had much success keeping those babies alive. They do look so pretty right now! I just can’t part with my porch flowers just yet; they are still thriving!

Behind our front door are some fall like signs, behind the door, and on the side walls.

As you walk into our living room, you’ll see our table. I like to switch tablecloths; I have a few fall ones and some Halloween ones. The “happy harvest” centerpiece was a gift from my aunt last Thanksgiving. We host Thanksgiving every other year for my side of the family.

The bar cart is mainly Halloween themed. My husband has started a small mini-Bourbon collection. Do you have any new Bourbons he could try? I think it’s hard to incorporate Halloween in with fall stuff, so I am just doing one part of the house Halloween this time.

Our downstairs bathroom, I always like to have napkins and hand soap to use. Some people don’t like to use hand towels, and some prefer it. I could care less either way, just wash your hands!

In the kitchen, I have some fall hand towels on the stove, salt and pepper shakers, a pumpkin mug, and some mini pumpkins on the cake stand for the soap/sponge. Just some small touches, can give some extra seasonal vibes.

Our little kitchen table, looking into the family room. I always use vinyl tablecloths for this table, it works best with the kids since we sit here most of the time. The little “bar area” as we call it, I put some small candle centerpieces with fall candles.

The little side table as you walk into the family room, holds our essential oil diffuser, a picture frame, and a small house plant. I love this little corner of the house; it always looks so cozy to me. We try to keep the small gray bins to a minimum of toys, to help keep the cluttery look away.

In our family room, I added some small pieces to the mantle, and the small wooden crate by the fireplace. I love simple decor. Although, my daughter Hadley thinks the mantle looks too crowded! I love it!

And that my friends, wraps up the fall decor home tour for this year! I pretty much do the same things each year, with some small minor changes. Hope you enjoyed it!

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