Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog!

Monday September 12

After we drop off Hadley to school, we’ll walk or workout, and sometimes we’ll go outside for a few minutes on the front porch. Check out the flowers, pull some weeds, water the flowers, whatever we might need to do to the flowers. Our neighbors like to pull their annuals out of the ground each year, but I like to keep ours as long as they look nice. I mean, the weather is still in the eighties most days! Hadley has been having sour patch popsicles for her dessert lately!

Tuesday September 13

Super low-key day, hung around the house, did some laundry, took some good naps, picked up Hadley from school, and went to soccer practice.

Wednesday September 14

Some days, Hadley looks more grown up than others. This morning, she looked particularly older than normal, so I had to take a photo. Little brother Huxley fell asleep during soccer practice, I walked around the fields a little bit to keep him asleep. He takes a little cat nap before his last bottle of the day. When I give Huxley a bath, Hadley is super patient most nights just chilling in her room watching her iPad.

Thursday September 15

We like to change spots on where Huxley eats his baby food and drinks his sippy cup. He seems to really like it sitting by the window lately, so we’ve kept his little hand-me-down chair by the window. After school, Hadley has Spanish class and then we had meet the teacher night. It was a casual open house style, since we didn’t have the traditional meet the teacher before school started since it was a late start this year.

Friday September 16

When Huxley wakes up from his naps, he is almost always so happy. Reminds me of his sister so much, Hadley was the same way. Since Huxley has started eating baby food, Hadley thinks its super gross and never wants anything to do with it. For some reason, she wanted to feed him this night and he loved every second of it. Even drank all of his sippy cup for her! It was the cutest thing to watch. I recently talked about Kroger Boost in my Instagram stories, but it’s a new thing for us and we love it! So worth it!

Saturday September 17

Saturday, we pretty much just chilled around the house all day. Played outside, played inside, Huxley took a nap, Hadley played all day long. Someone posted this saying on social media, and I re-posted it because it’s so very true. I know I’m going to miss these busy days, soaking every little moment in.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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