Movie Night – Pinocchio.

I randomly picked this movie because it’s on Disney Plus, and it looks super cute with Tom Hanks. I will say, it was not that good. It was really slow, and pretty much just like the original but not in cartoon form. I mean, if you’re a Pinocchio fan then you’ll love it. It was just a tad too slow for us.

Photo via: IMDB

The food is always tied in with the movie, for movie night!

Pizza from Papa John’s, for Pinocchio’s pizza.

Jiminy Cricket’s snack mix was marshmallows, green M&M’s, and goldfish. Of course, my child picks out the marshmallows but will eat the chocolate covered marshmallows in the bowl right next to it! haha

Blue Kool-aid for the blue fairy drinks, and pretzel rods for Geppetto’s pieces of wood.

I printed out this photo, and taped it on the wall above all the food.

Later on, after Huxley went to bed, we made vanilla milkshakes with blue sprinkles.

We always use these lunch containers for movie night, it holds all the snacks well and all contained in one place! We probably watched about half the movie, and then turned it off. Like I said earlier, if you are a Pinocchio fan then you’ll love it because it’s almost exactly like the original but with real people.

Movie night doesn’t have to take lots of work, it’s just the point of sitting down and watching the movie with your child. Hadley just loves movie night. Now that her little brother goes to bed before her, she loves to have that one-on-one time with her dad and I at night. For the next movie, Hadley wants to be surprised and not know which one it is. I love doing that, but it’s always hard to know if she’ll like it or not. I might bring back some old ones we’ve done before. Or try a new one out, I’m thinking the new Minions Rise of Gru might be a good one!

(The most recent movie night we did was The Sandlot, you can read about that more on this post).

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