Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Soccer, lunch duty, picture day, and Oktoberfest!

Monday September 19

Trying so hard to get back on the workout train. I really miss walking / running at the trail by our house, but with the temperatures getting a little colder I’ve been working out at home since I have to bring Huxley with me. Hadley had a soccer game, and they played a team that is tied with them in the league. They tied the game, so they are still tied! It’s been great watching her at soccer, they are finally understanding the game!

Tuesday September 20

When Hadley got home from school, she read her book out loud to Huxley and I. Anything to get her excited about reading, some days she’s all about it, other days she hates it. Her teacher has a daily homework game called homeworkopoly, and the kids get to roll each time they turn in their homework. On this day she got a free homework pass, so she used it! After homework, she put up some gel clings on the front door window for Halloween.

Wednesday September 21

I volunteer for lunch duty once a month, and the first one was this week. Hadley was so excited I was there, and it was fun. I love talking to the kids and getting to know them all. Huxley turned seven months old! You can see more photos and text on this post. Kevin was talking to Huxley about his dream to build a barn dominium one day, it was the cutest thing.

Thursday September 22

Picture day at school! Just love her little one tooth missing smile. Huxley is crawling all over the place, he’s a little more hesitant about the hardwood floor / tile but he will still move. I’m loving the Stanley cup; I drink all my water in that thing every day. It’s huge, but I love it. When Hadley got home from school, she read a little bit to Huxley. We started marking off our fall bucket list by coloring Halloween pictures we print off Pinterest. Huxley has been sucking his thumb a little more these days, during bath time was the cutest.

Friday September 23

Hadley had an early dismissal from school, so they could set up for their Oktoberfest for the weekend. We’ve been slowly introducing Huxley to real food, things that are small and mushable!

Saturday September 24

Kevin was on the medic the day/night before, so he slept for a while on Saturday. Hadley took out my old laptop and loved it, even though it’s slow as molasses. Fall has arrived, and in true Cincinnati fashion it went from ninety degrees to sixety degrees overnight. After Kevin and Huxley slept, we headed to the festival for Hadleys school. We worked a booth, and we still follow the schedule we’ve been doing with Huxley. He’s doing so great at it! Hadley has so much fun with her friends, we just love her school.

Sunday September 25

Oktoberfest didn’t start until after church on Sunday, so we took our normal naps and all the stuff befored heading back up to school. We worked another booth on Sunday. Huxley took his usual after dinner cat nap and was just so good. Hadley clearly has fun with her friends, it’s so cute to watch them all together.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week.

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