Friday favorites – Gummi bears, Bengals clogs, Amazon baby clothes, and a Disney shirt.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Here are my favorites this week.


I heard about these gummi bears on the radio this week, they were talking about how they are ten times better than the Haribo brand. And we love Haribo brand, so I had to try them, and I will agree they are better than Haribo brand! Like soo good. Give them a try if you haven’t yet, they sell them at Kroger or here on Amazon.


I would be totally lost without my planner, having to keep track of all the stuff on the calendar can be a lot to keep straight. I tend to leave my planner on the kitchen bar table, or on my desk. I always leave it open to the current week we are on so I can always glance at it when I need to. I wrote a more in-depth post about my love for these planners here if you are interested in reading about them. Planner can be found here.


If we were going to Disney World during the month of October, how cute would this shirt be? Shirt can be found here.


I’ve been loving the clothes on Amazon lately for little Huxley, when I don’t have much time to go on a leisurely shopping trip. Buying online is my jam now. Clothes can be found here.


These clogs are cute if you are into clogs, it’s even more cool how they come in different NFL teams. Clogs can be found here.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend! And thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Friday favorites – Gummi bears, Bengals clogs, Amazon baby clothes, and a Disney shirt.

  1. That Disney shirt is so cute! We were there in August and it was already all decorated for halloween and they had started their spooky night celebrations that week too.

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