Nine years.

He doesn’t notice my wrinkles; he sees my smile.

He doesn’t measure my extra pounds; he sees his bride.

He’s not scared away by my struggles; he sees my courage.

He’s not turned off by the stains I wear; he sees a mom.

He doesn’t disregard my dreams; they’re his dreams too.

He works hard for me and our kids.

He holds my hand.

He forgives me.

He’s good with my crazy ideas I constantly have.

The past nine years feel like a lifetime, but also like a moment.

This life we have built is made up of moments.

Thank you, God, for our love story.

It’s safe. It’s fun. It’s comfy. And it’s hard sometimes, but it’s ours.

And I can’t help but smile.

I want our kids to see it.

I know he sees it too.

I love you and I like you, Kevin. You’re my best match. Happy anniversary.

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