Fall front porch.

Since we’ve lived in this house, going on four years now, I’ve never really decorated the front porch for fall. The porch is usually filled with some pumpkins we carve for Halloween. And the flowers from the spring/summer are dead, still in the pots. This year, I threw away all the dead plants, put all the pots in the garage, and cleared it off. This year, we finally did a fall front porch and I love it!

I’m always so skeptical about mums, I never really know how to keep them alive in the cold temperatures. For now, they seem to be fine (crossing the fingers). Kevin and Hadley got them at Home Depot, and he let Hadley pick them out. We both said we would’ve picked different colors, but I actually love them now. They look great after we did some rearranging.

We bought random sized pumpkins at our local grocery, and the barrels of hay are from Home Depot. I was sort of shocked, one day I come home from (I forget where actually), but Kevin and the kids had ventured out and picked all of this out on their own. I was surprised and loved it!

After we went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, we added our small pumpkins to the batch. It looks so fall like!

We wanted to put a corn stalk and a scarecrow in the back of the hay, but we decided not to, maybe next year. Just love how it turned out! It looks so cozy, and ready for fall!

2 thoughts on “Fall front porch.

  1. That is adorable! I find my mums usually do well until mid- November when our really cold weather sets in. I tend to forget to bring them in when we get frost so as long as I keep them under the porch overhand they tend to be okay and I try to remember to water them once a week.

    So.. in reading your “about” page I just had to share that I don’t drink coffee either! I love the smell and love coffee flavored things like ice cream but just can not get past the taste of actual coffee. I think my husband and I are the only parents I know that don’t drink coffee or tea or anything hot.

    • Thank you! The mums are still alive and kicking, fingers crossed!

      Haha that’s awesome you don’t drink coffee either; I don’t know many who don’t! I do love a chai tea from Starbucks though!

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