Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Sick kiddo, soccer tournament, doctor, anniversary, and a bonfire!

Monday October 17
Most mornings on the way to school, we listen to the KidNuz Podcast. It’s a short six-minute podcast that says current news for kids to understand. It’s pretty cool, and they have a short quiz after each one to see if the kids pay attention. We can usually listen to almost an entire one before Hadley gets out of the car. We are spoiled with such a short drive to school!

I absolutely hate waking Huxley up from his naps, but some days I have to in order to pick up Hadley from school. He pretty much sleeps like clockwork now that he’s used to the schedule. Like I’ve mentioned before, I try to feed Huxley his baby food in different spots at home to get him used to eating in different environments. Hadley is such a great helper with him!

Tuesday October 18
We have lots of red and black tumblers in our house. Before Hadleys first game of her soccer tournament, we had an early dinner and I had to take a photo of her eating a taco. She wasn’t the biggest fan, but she said it was okay. At the tournament game, it was in the lower forties, so it was freezing! Huxley doesn’t love to be covered up, so he wasn’t the happiest camper, but he did good. They won! All the girls were so excited. Before bed, I’ve been doing different face masks each night. This night was under the eye masks.

Wednesday October 19
Wednesday was the busiest day of the week! Kevin and Huxley snuggling together before I left for my doctor’s appointment. Kevin filled in for me for lunch duty at Hadleys school. All her friends loved having Huxley there! Any time I bring out the vacuum, Huxley goes straight for it. He loves that thing! Treated myself to a Starbucks on the way home. For our ninth wedding anniversary, Kevin sort of surprised me with going out for just a short time to get out of the house just the two of us. We literally went down the street, but it was nice to be together without any interruptions. It’s been way too long since we’ve been able to do a date night! And when you go out on a school night per say, you pass out on the couch snoring. God love him.

Thursday October 20
Worked out in the morning. Sometimes I post them on here, and sometimes I don’t. I try to post a daily photo on Instagram, I do it for myself to hold myself accountable. It helps me! We needed diapers, so we made a trip to Sams Club. After school, Hadley didn’t feel the greatest, so we let her chill on the couch with her frosty from Wendy’s. Kevin made the first fire of the season, Huxley was mesmerized!

Friday October 21
Hadley woke up with a mild fever, so we kept her home from school. She pretty much chilled on the couch all day. Kevin chopped some wood since we love to do fires in the winter so much. When Huxley is in the family room, we call it his giant playpen because he always tries to get up on the step into the kitchen and can’t just yet. I know it’s coming soon! Kevin washed both of our cars; the weather was so nice. Huxley tried the lovely puffs for the first time and was a fan. Kroger boost is just the best. We still had movie night, despite Hadley feeling a little icky. She seemed to feel better as the day went on, she went outside for a little bit to get some fresh air.

Saturday October 22
Hadley had her second soccer tournament game, they tied 1-1 and then went into sudden death where you play until the first team scores and no goalies. They lost. It was a tough loss, but so proud of them to see them go as far as they did. Hadley didn’t play her best with not feeling 100% still. Later on, we went to one of Kevins friends bonfires he has every year. I usually leave places early with Huxley, or Kevin will, sometimes we switch off and on depending on what we’re doing. I dropped Natalie off at a haunted house with her friends, then Huxley and I headed home so he could go to bed. Hadley stayed with Kevin and Brady to see the bonfire for a little bit at least.

Sunday October 23
With Kevin working, I had to take the kids with me to a mandatory parent meeting for Hadleys first reconciliation. Pointless meeting if you ask me. Not sure why it was mandatory, was a waste of my time. Hadley still wasn’t feeling 100%, so she took it easy off and on all weekend. After the bonfire, she sounded so hoarse with her throat. Lots of chilling on the couch, fresh air breaks, and popsicles.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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