Outdoor Fall Activities.

My daughter has been off school the last two days, one for Halloween and the next day was for meeting her school’s walkathon goal! After the first day of being home, and watching Netflix almost all day, I had to come up with something to get her mind off of the tv.

I went to my favorite creative search engine Pinterest and found two fun and super easy fall activities that we could do outside. I searched for outdoor activities because it’s been so nice out the past two days and a change of scenery always does a body good.

The first activity we did was an outdoor scavenger hunt. I literally printed off the first easy one I found, and that is it! The outdoor scavenger hunt we used was from the Science Kiddo.

The only one we didn’t check off was a pinecone, we don’t have any pinecones anymore in our yard since we chopped down the pine trees! We used a clipboard, loaded Huxley in the stroller, and walked around our own yard.

The second one we did was an outdoor adventure hunt, I printed off the list and had Hadley tape the list on a brown paper bag. When she found each item, we would toss it in the bag, and cross off the list. It doesn’t really matter, since we aren’t turning this in anywhere, just doing it for our own fun. Huxley loved being in the stroller without his car seat, and watching his big sister find all the items. Hadley was soo into this, she’s just like her mom and loves to cross off a list!

The last one we did was a leaf hair craft. We printed off this blank head, went outside and gathered some random leaves, came inside and glued the leaves on the head. It was fun to do with her, and she loved it!

We used a regular glue stick, which worked out great!

The leaf hair craft was fun and so easy to do. We used scissors to cut off the stems of the leaves, so they didn’t break the leaves, and just a glue stick. So, all you really need are those two items! The leaf hair craft is from Glued To My Crafts.

We had so much fun doing these super simple fall outdoor activities. All it takes is a little searching, printing off some paper, and just your individual time for your kiddo. It doesn’t take much to entertain kids, it’s all about the process and how engaged you are with them. Hadley will remember today, and what we did outside much more than watching Netflix inside on the couch!

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