Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! A squirrel, family, and an 18th birthday.

Monday November 7
We finally used the mini thermos for Hadleys lunch, and it worked fantastic! We boiled a cup of hot water in a coffee cup, poured it into the thermos, closed the lid for a few minutes, and then threw the hot mac and cheese inside. Hadley said it was very warm for lunch at school! After school, Hadley is such a trooper and does her homework right away. We started this habit in kindergarten, and I hope it continues.

We figured out that a squirrel had managed to fall into our fireplace. Awhile back when we had a big storm, the top of the chimney flap had blown off and we never put it back on. It’s been sitting on top of the roof, literally next to the chimney. Hadley kept saying she was hearing something coming from the fireplace, and when I heard it too, I thought to myself something is in there! And then we saw the little squirrels tail smooshed against the glass of the fireplace door! I immediately put the fireplace irons in between the door handles so he couldn’t push the doors open. He would have to go through the screen doors first but still, it made us feel better. Hadley wouldn’t go in the family room for a day or so. And then after a few days, we didn’t hear anything, so we figured the poor thing either died or managed to climb out. Kevin opened the doors, and nothing was in there!

Tuesday November 8
Voted in the morning, and I hope you did too! You should always vote. Hadley has been into writing notes lately, it’s so cute how she’ll use washi tape and put them on Huxleys wall. He always tries to grab them when I’m changing him. Some weeks Kevin works a lot of overtime, so on this night when he was home, he played tic tac toe and hangman with Hadley, she just loves playing things like that!

Wednesday November 9
Some days I like to get up early before the kids and do a workout, I need to try and do this more often because it’s a great start to the day! I feel energized and ready! As I dropped off Hadley at school, there was an accident on the grass almost like the car missed the turn or something. Huxley and I headed to the car wash to get the early bird deal, it’s like $2 off if you get your car washed before 9am. Hadley had a half day, so she got to eat lunch at home, and she was super excited. After Hadley finished her homework, she wanted to chill in her room on her iPad which I have no problem with because she does homework so well. Huxley and I went into Hadleys room to hang out and play, and he was obsessed with her American Girl doll, he kept touching her hands and eyes, it’s like he thought it was a real live doll. Kevin facetimed while at work, and Huxley somehow managed to take a screenshot of it, it was cute. More notes from Hadley while I gave Huxley a bath.

Thursday November 10
Little Huxley is growing so fast! He is climbing on everything and crawling over things in the oddest ways. Outside the deck doors, was tiny pieces of what looked like acorns or something. We think it was a friend of the family leaving the squirrel stuck in the fireplace food for when he got out! HAHAHA! Some nights, when Kevin is working, I don’t get to eat dinner until after everyone else has. It’s worth it though!

Friday November 11
Huxley sleeps just like his dad, all over the place. Every time I go in and check on him, he is in a different position. We celebrated Brady’s birthday at my parents after dinner. Huxley wasn’t having it for a photo with all his cousins, poor kid just wasn’t feeling it.

Saturday November 12
The photo below is how my workout went in the morning, sometimes I have to dodge little man crawling around on the floor but at least I’m moving. Huxley has been loving eggs and toast for breakfast, he really likes the toast over eggs! Today was the first snow fall of the season, it was beautiful but seems too early for snow! We had Kevin’s family over for dinner to celebrate Brady’s birthday, I cannot believe he turned 18!

Sunday November 13
Went to the Hofbräuhaus with some of the family, it was good to see everyone! Hadley and Huxley loved seeing all their cousins. After dinner, Huxley wasn’t feeling his bath he’s been a little cranky lately teething and all. So far, he’s still been an amazing sleeper through teething, so I’ll take the crankiness during the day! Hadley all curled up on the couch watching tv with me until it was time for bed.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week!

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