Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Play dates, Christmas break, girls night, library, and New Years Eve!

Monday December 26
Got back into moving my body the last week of December after getting in a little bit of a workout funk. Huxley is obsessed with the kitchen stove; he always tries to see what’s cooking. It scares me to death! It’s only going to get worse the older and taller he gets. I love it when Hadley is off of school, it’s so great to have her home on Christmas break. She helps so much with Huxley, it’s like having another hand to help at home.

Tuesday December 27
Cooked an apple on the cast iron skillet for Huxley, he loves them! It’s a better way to soften and sweeten them up for him. Hadley went over to two friends’ house on her break, she loves her friends and misses them when they aren’t in school. Started some planning with my personal planner, and the blog planner. I love the start of a new year, and to get organized. Hadley got a game called Guess in 10 Board Game for Christmas, and we all played it together after Huxley went to bed.

Wednesday December 28
We made French toast for breakfast, it was so good, but Hadley wasn’t a fan. Hadley joined me for a workout, we did a quick 10-minute YouTube workout, and then I did the same workout again to move a little bit longer. We went to her indoor soccer game with just Huxley and I, Kevin had to work, and it was a late game. Thankfully, Huxley sat in his car seat the entire game! He’s soo good!

Thursday December 29
Some weeks, Hadley gets on a kick where she wants to do her chores on her own and let me just tell you I’m all for it! I will hang out in her room as long as she wants me to if she’s willing to clean it all by herself. I’m always there to cheer her on! Another Mom and I organized a girl’s night out after the holidays and before school starts. It was nice to hangout and meet some new Moms and to talk to the ones I already know.

Friday December 30
Huxley is so close to walking it’s crazy! He wants to walk along everything that is taller than him and tries to reach anything that is taller than him. He almost always wakes up with a smile, like seriously, such a happy boy. We ventured out to our local library, after Hadley read the book, her teacher gave her before break. We checked out the improvements the library did, and she checked out three books. I even checked out a book myself, I’m not a huge reader but I always try!

Saturday December 31
Hadley giving Huxley a bottle is the cutest thing, and she just loves it by the smile on her face. Going on two years in a row now, we’ve made the traditional Greek cake for New Year’s Eve where you put a coin inside and whoever gets the coin gets good luck for the new year. Hadley got this kid book about the TV show The Office for Christmas, and she read it aloud to Huxley and me. It’s super cute! After Huxley went to bed, Hadley and I celebrated the new year by having our own little charcuterie board and played Uno. She made it to 10pm! Some years I’m all about going out for NYE, and other years I could care less.

Sunday January 1
Started the new year out with a workout, feeling super motivated! Hadley stayed in her jammies all day and was obsessed with watching The Office on the Peacock channel. It cracks me up how much she loves that show, she can name all the cast names and everything. Starting to introduce Huxley to the snack container, he’s not too sure how to get the food out yet so he just shakes it until they fall out!

Happy Monday and happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great week, and even better new year.

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