How I Plan and Organize Blog Content.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and I love it. Love it so much! Sometimes I get asked about how I organize blog post ideas and generate new content. Until recently, when I made the choice to quit my job, I’ve not had a ton of time to blog as frequently as I’d like. I’ve made it a priority to blog more and it’s a work in progress.

I started this blog as an outlet to just write and share things for fun. To have a voice, and to have a memory of this life that will live forever in the internet land. Or as long as I pay for the subscription haha.

The main tool I use for blog planning and content is to use a monthly calendar planner. I bought this super simple blog planner on Amazon, and it’s the main source I use for planning blog posts.

I write all of my post ideas in pencil so it’s easy to erase and move things around if need be. I don’t stick to the calendar exactly, because new ideas pop-up and have to be shared, so things are always moving.

Here is the current month of January. On each day, I have two lines for a blog post and Instagram post. The blog is color coded in purple, and Instagram is color coded in pink. Every post idea is temporarily written in pencil, and once it’s posted on whichever platform it’s written in either purple or pink to know it was posted. At the end of each week, I tally up how many posts for the week.

I do a quote every Sunday. Most Mondays I do a weekly recap from the week before, Monday through Sunday. Every Friday is Friday Favorites. Once a month is what I ordered from Amazon from the month prior. If we do a movie night, I’ll write a post about that the week after. Once a month updates on Huxley. A few monthly link-up posts. Holidays, vacations, or reoccurring events like first day of school, birthdays, etc., which then leaves just a few days a week open for other various ideas. I do love the scheduled feature for blogging, you can plan and schedule posts ahead of time which helps for planning content.

Here is next month’s blog calendar, without really planning anything there are quite a few posts already ready to be written! I don’t really wonder about what’s going to get a lot of comments or pinned about or whatever. I just do what I like and share what I love. This blog goes through different seasons of life where I am super personal or very creative. Whatever the season, I’m here for it. And loving it.

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9 thoughts on “How I Plan and Organize Blog Content.

    • Thank you! It might seem like a lot to have an entire planner for a blog, but it’s a simple monthly only one and it helps me stay organized. Maybe try looking at your old archives to see if that sparks up any ideas you can spin off of!

  1. I plan a lot like that; except I have a wall calendar I keep near my computer but all my post ideas are written in erasable pens and then once I have the post all finished and scheduled to post I cross a line through it. I like to write most blog posts a week ahead whenever I can– some posts can’t be. I’m actually finding that this year I have so many link ups like Prime Purchases and What’s Up Wednesdays that I only have to come up with a handful of ideas for each month!

      • I have a separate page on my blog that lists the link parties I participate in; separated by day ( Then when any of the link parties I follow share a graphic with themes and dates for link ups for the new year I write them right into my blogging calendar– so for the Not Just a Mom link up I co-host every second Monday of the month on January 9th block I wrote NJAM and Introduction. The Let’s Look link party hosted on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Mix and Match Mama just shared their graphics for 2023 and the list of topics so I copied them onto my calendar yesterday. Since most blog parties are just general and open to most anything I don’t have a lot of scripted blog posts but I still follow a pattern of ideas most weeks/months. Each morning I hop over to my link party page and click on the links for that day of the week and link up on whatever ones are open & I feel like linking up with (sometimes the hosts don’t get around to posting that week).

      • Yes I do! I’ll email you right now and then you’ll have it. (I know there is a “contact me” button somewhere on my page too but off the top of my head I can’t think where to find it.)

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