Movie night – Rudy

Last week’s movie night was Rudy! With recent events in our city, when Damar Hamlin collapsed, I thought watching a good-hearted movie like Rudy would be a great pick. The movie can be found here. Here are all the fun snacks!

Hadley is always so excited to see what movie it is, and the snacks for the night. Always super simple and easy!

The snacks were everything we had at home already, we had just had a bunch of sweets from New Year’s Eve, so I had plenty to choose from. I just lay a bunch of random things in random tins, and trays and there you go! Easy movie night snacks.

Hadley’s snacks on top, and mine on the bottom. We always use these meal prep containers for move night, helps to contain everything and keep it less messy.

We had a fire. When Kevin isn’t home, we use the logs that you light and that’s all you have to do.

I was surprised, Hadley enjoyed the movie! It’s a little old, and a slower movie, but she liked it. It’s a great feel good movie!

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