Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Workouts, Catholic schools week, Groundhog Day, and a birthday!

Monday January 30
Continuing with the workouts, just keep going right? Huxley took a great nap in the morning, he sleeps the best for his first nap. And then lunch time, all smiles. Hadley was super tired after school, she made a fort underneath the bench and just chilled under there with her iPad. Huxley is always curious to see what she is doing.

Tuesday January 31
Hadleys school had a two hour snow delay, which was funny because it barely snowed. For Catholic schools week, they have different themes for each day and this day was jersey day. Hadley wore her Reds jersey, she was over the Bengals stuff. Worked out during Huxleys morning nap. Tried a new yogurt bar, it was just okay a little weird tasting with the creaminess of yogurt inside. Our new drying mat came from Etsy, I just love it. Went out to dinner, Hadley cracks me up with her blue light glasses on.

Wednesday February 1
Started a heart a day for February first, you can read more it here on this post. Hadley loves it!

Thursday February 2
Everyday Hadley loves seeing a new heart on her door, she’ll even tell me “Mom I like my heart today”, it’s so cute. Vacation day theme at school, so she wore her Destin, Florida hat and a shirt to match. Groundhog day, we did a little prediction you can read about in this post. While I worked out, Kroger delivered the groceries in the garage. I’ll always put in the notes on my Kroger Boost order, to leave groceries in the garage in case I’m busy with Huxley or working out. Huge fan of Kroger Boost, totally worth it! Tried a new yogurt, and it’s soo good for low carb.

Friday February 3
Spirit day at school! Went to dinner with one of Hadleys friends family, and then home to chill and go to bed!

Saturday February 4
Added another heart to Hadleys door! Kevin is umpiring some basketball games this season, he loves it! A habit I’ve gotten into the last few years is I really try hard to make the bed every single day. It just helps with my mood! Huxley is a little obsessed with the dishwasher, it’s cute but we have to watch it when we open it now. Later on in the afternoon, we celebrated Kevin’s grandma turning 90! She was so cute, and it was nice to celebrate her. She looks pretty good for being 90! After the get together with the family, Kevin had a few more games to ref and Hadley went with him. Huxley and I chilled at home. In our downstairs bathroom we have this step stool that Hadley uses to wash her hands, and sometimes Huxley will sit on it and just stare at you when you go to the bathroom. It’s hilarious, he’ll sit still for awhile! Later in the evening, Kevin and Hadley got home from the games and they played this chopsticks game with your hands. And if you are watching the Murdaugh trial at all, I recommend watching this short docuseries on HBO. It’s called Low Country, The Murdaugh Dynasty, the family is crazy!

Sunday February 5
Hadley wanted to feed Huxley breakfast, it was so cute! She said if I made it, she’ll feed it to him! He loved it. When Huxley woke up from his second nap, Hadley gave him some kisses and made him laugh it was adorable. Hadley was waiting on her grandparents to pick her up and take her on a bowling date for a belated birthday gift. She had so much fun, she loves to go bowling! Added another heart to Hadleys door! Had a skillet lasagna for dinner, and both Hadley and Huxley loved it! Too bad Kevin was working OT so he could’ve tried it too. The recipe I used can be found here. Gave Hadley a chocolate heart for a little treat for her lunch for Monday. I always make her lunch the night before, I am not a fan of rushing around the morning of school!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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