Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! President’s Day, playing outside, trivia night, and a birthday party!

Monday February 20
President’s Day means a day off of school for Hadley! We pretty much chilled at home most of the day, and then in the afternoon we went to Target. We haven’t been to Target in forever, and surprisingly we got out of there spending under $100! I always say I can’t ever go in there without spending at least $50! We have been slowly getting rid of bottles for Huxley, and today we did all milk and no formula! He’s doing so good with it!

Tuesday February 21
Huxleys actual birthday, his first trip around the sun! Trying to get the monthly photos were super super hard the last few months! We grilled steak and potatoes for dinner, and gave him a small cupcake! He loved it, but we only let him have a few bites. After dinner, I got my hair highlighted and trimmed. Feels so good getting the hair done!

Wednesday February 22
The only picture I took on this day, Huxley enjoying his breakfast. Eggs, toast, and yogurt.

Thursday February 23
After we dropped Hadley off at school, Huxley and I went on a walk at the trail. It was seasonably warm out and felt amazing. After Hadley got home from school, we played outside for a little bit. Huxley will sit in the bouncer thing for a little bit, and then after awhile he wants out and wants to crawl all over the concrete. So we put him in the grass while Hadley was kicking the soccer ball.

Friday February 24
Hadley had a field trip today to the aquarium, she had fun! Tried to get a workout selfie with Huxley, and he raced to the phone before the camera went off. Had fish for dinner, first Friday in Lent. We had fish sticks and mac and cheese, everyone was a fan of the fish except Miss Hadley.

Saturday February 25
Trivia night at Hadleys school, for the parents. We had fun, and left feeling not so smart haha We didn’t come in last place at least!

Sunday February 26
Breakfast in the morning, and finished getting ready for Huxleys birthday party. I have a post planned for tomorrow, all the details and more! We had a great time celebrating our little man turning one!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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