Home Depot Themed 1st Birthday Party.

We celebrated Huxley turning one, Home Depot style! Online, you can order the kids workshop kits to be shipped for your home. You don’t get the choice of which kit, but it was still so fun for the kids. The table tennis kit was the one we were sent, and the kids loved it. Here is the setup of the kids workshop.

For the front door, I wrapped some boxes I had already in white kraft paper, and made some signs in Photoshop, and taped them on each box. Made a large sign for the front door that says, Caution 1 year old ahead! And a chalkboard sign that says, “Welcome workers, please report to your supervisor Huxley!”

Decorations as you walk into our living room area. Lots of caution tape, happy birthday banner, construction balloons, and streamers.

Part of the food area was the most fun part to make!
– Nuts and bolts = trail mix
– Wrecking balls = whoppers
– 2×4 = wafer cookies
– Pipes = red vines
– Nails = veggie straws
– Plywood = graham crackers

Cone shaped cups for all the kids. And the cake smashing zone, we put Huxleys high chair in the living room for when it was time to dive into his cupcake.

The cake table! I bought a larger cake that is orange & yellow colored to match the Home Depot theme, with a black #1 candle. For Huxley, a giant individual cupcake. I made rice krispie treats with colored chocolate on each one, and made a label that says caution, wet paint. Not pictured, I also made pistachio bread for something different to have for the sweets.

Other decorations throughout the house. The fireplace has some black streamers, caution tape, and a stoplight sign that says Huxley is 1. And then some random signs on doors, and things like that.

It was a little chilly outside, but overall pretty nice and sunny! The kids were in and out the whole time. Riding on Hadleys electic scooter, and their Papa’s scooter, and just playing. It was fun to see all the cousins together, at all different ages too.

Cake smashing time! He wasn’t really into the cupcake, he just picked off the tiny sprinkles. We let him sit there for a little bit, but ended up getting him down after a little while.

Huxley lasted about two presents of opening them, and then he was done. He just wanted to crawl around and play with everyone, and all the paper and toys. He got some good new toys, I can’t wait to see him play with them.

The table tennis craft, was a fun little game. Hadley and I played a few rounds before she went to bed.

We had so much fun celebrating our little one year old!

Party details linked below:
Invitations: blog post
Plastic shovel spoons: Amazon
Yellow snack buckets: Amazon
Orange cone cups: Amazon
White paper snack cups: Amazon
Gold chocolate coins: Amazon
Orange worker baby onesie: Amazon
Caution tape: Amazon
Construction party supplies/banner: Amazon

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  1. How fun is this??? You are SO talented at putting together themed parties! I would have never thought of doing a Home Depot themed party, but it’s just so fun! 🙂

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