Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Meal planning, London broil, birthday dinner, and basketball!

Monday February 27
My sweet friend sent a birthday package in the mail! It was filled with all things for self care, and my favorite lotion to use when I paint my nails. It was the best!

Tuesday February 28
I finally was able to look through the homemade cards for Huxley, his sweet cousins are so darn cute. I mean look at these cards! Anything homemade by kids, just melts me. We played outside a little bit and it started to get chilly, so we hung out in the back of my car. Did a little meal planning for the month of March, it takes some time to go through my planner and plan out dinners based on what we have going on, etc.

Wednesday March 01
Huxley sleeps like his dad, all over the place! When Hadley got home from school, we went outside again for a little bit.

Thursday March 2
We made London broil for dinner, and neither of us have had it before. We tried this recipe, and the marinade was too strong. We would like to try this cut of meat again, but with a different marinade or rub.

Friday March 03
Today is my birthday, and I turned 44! I did a poll on Instagram, and in the beginning majority of the people guessed I was 41. God love ’em. Kevin made fish and chips for dinner, and it was so so good. We made Brunch with Babs recipe!

Saturday March 04
McDonald’s for breakfast for Miss Hadley. Tried on some of the clothes Huxley got for his birthday, and they fit pretty good! Growing so fast. Hadley had an idea of taking Huxleys little bike seat off, and turned it into a scooter. Huxley loved it. Sat outside for a little bit watching Hadley on her scooter, she had a pretty bad fall poor thing. Cooked breakfast for dinner, and did bacon in the oven for the first time. It was pretty good!

Sunday March 05
Chill day, the big kids came over, went to Hadleys basketball game and then went to see one of Kevins friends new baby! I didn’t take any photos darn it! He was such a sweetie, just love new babies!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And thanks for reading!

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