Easter Decor.

Welcome to the Easter decor tour! I put up all the spring / Easter decorations a little early this year, and I don’t mind one bit! Having a little festiveness brings a little more cheer than the usual ho hum am I right?

Having a one year old toddler, that is now walking, it’s impossible to have anything at his level anymore. Now I know why people with toddlers have nothing down low, I mean our entertainment stand is bare empty where I usually put picture frames and little knick knacks. Totally get it now.

Our little side table as you walk into the kitchen from the family room. The one plant that I’ve managed to keep alive, in fact it is thriving and I need to trim it every now and then.

As you walk into our kitchen, we have this glass cabinet where I put some small decor in there along with our normal decor that is in there everyday.

Down the hallway from the kitchen, is our bathroom. I swapped out some of the items on the shelves on the wall. The wooden bunny on the top shelf was made by my Grandpa Vince, I think he gave everyone in the family one of those. I love displaying it every Easter season. Fresh Easter bunny hand towels, and added a small cake stand to move the septic frame off the ground, and a bright colored soap holder. Nothing major, just a few small touches.

In our dining room, a brightly colored tablecloth, and a small wooden board my Mom gave us last year for the Easter bunny! Very small things this year, can’t put much up or little Huxley can grab and reach for things!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of our Easter decor!

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