Birthday date with Hadley #3.

It can be hard to plan one on one time with your kiddos, so we are going to try something to ensure our daughter gets quality alone time once a month with either Mom or Dad. On Hadley’s birthday date of each month, (her birthday is the 21st, so on or around the 21st of each month), she gets to have a “date” with just Mom or Dad. Having it on the same date each month, or around that date, makes it easy to plan. Plus, it lets Hadley have something to look forward to each month that is special to her.

Hadley and her Dad had her birthday date for March! She chose to go to the batting cages, and played putt-putt golf! Softball season is upon us, and she’s getting excited to start playing. She did slow pitch and even tried a few fast pitch balls!

She brought her own bat, and went to town! The weather was amazing, sunny and semi-warm but nice.

After the batting cages, they did putt-putt golf which was in the same place.

Dinner at El Rancho Grande!

Ice cream afterwards!

She loves the idea of having special one on one time with her parents each month. We are going to take turns each month so we both get a chance to have our time with her throughout the year. I’m not saying we don’t get one on one time with her; I get a lot of time with her with my husband’s work schedule, but there is something special about planning something each month with her. It can be as simple as playing board games in the basement, coloring for an hour, going to a playground and eating dinner, just simple things. The point is, to be with just her and give her our undivided attention.

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