Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Last day of spring break, putt-putt, softball with cousins, and more!

Monday April 10
Last day of Hadleys short spring break, we always come in Hadleys room after he finishes his morning milk. She is usually awake, because why would kids sleep in when they don’t have school?!?! Hadley went putt-putting with her cousins in the morning. Practice softball with her Dad in the afternoon. Her and I went on her birthday date for the month a little early, will share more on that next week. And then ice cream to end the day!

Tuesday April 11
Huxley loves to look out the window after he wakes up. For a change of scenery, we ate lunch outside on the back deck. Hadley was all excited to try out her softball pants for practice, she is ready! An ambulance came to our street and we hung out to see, but nothing to see.

Wednesday April 12
Started taking more walks at the trail after we drop off Hadley at school. Huxley just loves being outside. He’s loving the kitchen helper, it helps a lot during lunch and dinner time. Nine times out of ten, he wakes up from naps and all night so happy! I pull my car out of the garage, and we like to hangout in there since our driveway is a hill (for Huxley).

Thursday April 13
More workouts in the morning, lunch with the kitchen window open, and softball practice with cousins. Was a busy fun day!

Friday April 14
Hadleys First Communion banner was due for school. It was a little bigger than anticipated, all because the banner kit I ordered from Amazon was super super tiny so we improvised. Walk at the trail. Our hydrangea bush is blooming! My husband started umpiring for the season, so we went to watch / hangout. Hadley ran into some of her friends so she was super happy. Some nights for bedtime, Huxley has started walking to his bed after we read books. It’s the cutest thing.

Saturday April 15
Started with a Kroger Boost grocery delivery in the morning. And then a walk at the trail! And then Hadley sitting on the couch reading her library book. Ate lunch outside in the garage. After Huxleys afternoon nap, we went to a park nearby and surprisingly no one was there! I loved it, but Hadley would rather it be full of kids. Huxley loved every minute of it, red cheeks and all.

Sunday April 16
Our hostas on the front porch are starting to bloom. I can’t wait to plant all our flowers! Hadley went with Kevin to his softball game he umpired, she was freezing but wanted to go anyway. Huxley and I stayed home and got dinner ready. Steak, potatoes, and mac/cheese. I let Hadley open a small gift for her First Communion, it’s a cross necklace she can wear on the actual day.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. WOW, you unlocked a core memory with that First Communion banner! We 100% had to make something like that when I was in second grade, although I think, instead of our name, it had to include a line from the Mass? Haven’t thought about that in at least 25 years, HA!

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