Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Doctor’s appointment, cutting down trees, Grand-Guest Day, softball, and Mother’s Day.

Monday May 8
Worked out in the morning. Had a doctor’s appointment to figure out what’s going on with my wrist and back. My wrist is tendonitis, and I have to get a brace or cortisone shot. I’m opting for the brace for now. My back is still up in the air, doc recommended I get a massage once a week for a month and see how it feels and go from there. I can definitely do that! Hadley has been helping with Huxley with his bath, and he’s loving every second of it.

Tuesday May 9
Took a walk after we dropped Hadley off at school, I even ran a little bit! Huxley loves walks, he just looks all around, listens to the birds, watches the people, just loves it. I had to use the bathroom so bad when Huxley was eating breakfast, so instead of leaving him at the table alone, I just scooted his highchair to the bathroom which is literally feet away. We had a bit of a fun afternoon, Hadley had early dismissal from school and then we had a random guy knock on her door wanting a quote to cut down some trees. My husband would cut down every tree in the backyard if he could. So, we had four trees cut down and ends up these young guys are doing three other houses on our street. I’ve got some stories to tell about them, but let’s just say wouldn’t recommend. They got the job done, and that’s about it.

Wednesday May 10
Worked out in the morning. Kevin did a landscaping job with his buddy. Played outside with the kids, they could literally live outside. The second we go out, Huxleys mood instantly changes. Kevin umpired a game, and then had a meeting with the sports association. Hadley and I chilled on the couch before bed, she enjoyed a popsicle for dessert.

Thursday May 11
Cut the backyard jungle as I call it, it’s such a mess back there. We are going to fix it up one of these days. And moved all of the wood that the tree guys cut, so the stump guy could grind the stumps. During the day, Hadley had “Grand-Guest” day at school, both of her grandparents came and she was so excited! I couldn’t wait to hear how her day went when I picked her up. Had a Kroger Boost delivery after school. The stump guy came but had a malfunction with his machine, so he had to stop and come back soon.

Friday May 12
Worked out in the morning. Hadley was off school for teacher in-service day; we baked some cookies for Mother’s Day. My left leg has been cramping for a few days, and I noticed some bruising on my calf. No idea what that’s about, but hope it goes away. It doesn’t hurt, just more of an annoyance. Hadley loves to help Huxley put his shoes on before we go outside, he’ll sit on the kitchen step and wait for her to help him, it’s adorable. Ended the night with Hadley doing a movie night for me! We changed it up a little, and while I was giving Huxley a bath and putting him to bed, she drew a picture of the movie she chose, and put out some snacks all on her own. It was the cutest thing!

Saturday May 13
Early softball game, just love watching her play! Huxley was so good, even during his morning nap time. After the game, Hadley went with her dad to watch him umpire basically all day. She came home with some burnt shoulders; we need to add sunscreen in the softball bag! We met my parents for an early Mother’s Day dinner!

Sunday May 14
Started off Mother’s Day with a trip to get the flowers! I love it that Hadley wants to go with me and wants to help plant them! We planted pretty much all morning and afternoon, and then Kevin mulched. Had steak, asparagus, and potatoes for dinner. Hadley made me a flowerpot at school, and a card all about mom. I love handmade things!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly recap.

  1. Such a lovely week! We had a nearly identical mother’s day dinner (though the asparagus looked awful at the store so we switched it to green beans at the last minute).

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