Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! A massage, getting sick, both kids getting sick, softball games, last day of school, Brady’s graduation, and more.

Monday May 22
Started the week off with walking around the neighborhood. Had our stump guy come out and finish grinding the stumps from the trees we had cut down. Went to get a massage for the second week in a row and it’s helping my back / left side so much. I wish massages weren’t so expensive, I could definitely use one every week. Maybe once a month would be doable! While I was out, Huxley snuggled up with Kevin and sat there for like five minutes. I’m glad he took a picture and sent it to me! Anytime we play outside, Huxley loves to have Hadley put his shoes on for him. He will sit down in his little chair, and patiently wait for her to help him.

Tuesday May 23
In the middle of the night, is when I started feeling terrible. Literally had it coming out both ends, and it was just miserable. I was in bed all day and thank goodness Kevin was home and didn’t have to work. This day was a really busy day too, both kids had haircuts, swim team signups, and then the softball team end of the year ice cream treats! Thankful for a friend to send me this photo of all the girls, it was the only picture I had from the day.

Wednesday May 24
Felt a little better this morning, but I sort of had to because Kevin was at the firehouse. I napped when Huxley napped, and sleep is always the best medicine. Hadley had her end of the year party at school that I had to miss. And then, I had to manage to take both kids to her softball game that night. I pretty much stayed away from everyone and pulled Huxley around in the wagon.

Thursday May 25
Felt better than the day before and went to Hadley’s second softball game of the week. It was warm out and had to keep Huxley in the shade.

Friday May 26
Last day of school for Hadley! She was all smiles. Celebrated with a basket of summer goodies when she got home and had plans to swim at a friend’s house right after school! We were all pooped, and Huxley now had what I had so we stayed home and missed Brady’s high school graduation. We were able to watch it on YouTube! Had to take a photo of Huxley throwing up his milk as he was going to bed, just shows the kind of week I had.

Saturday May 27
Played some games from the summer basket, and Huxley was feeling so much better! Huxley went down for his first nap, I cut the grass, and Hadley was practicing bumping volleyball on the side of the house. After Huxley woke up, he helped me water all the flowers. Went to watch our cousin play our school in softball, and then went to the pool for the first swim of the year. Well, the kids swam except Huxley and I it was way too old!

Sunday May 28
Hadley subbed for the other softball team, and she ended up feeling bad during the game. Poor thing threw up and was in bed the rest of the day. She is lucky and didn’t have it as bad as I did. She bounced back within 24 hours. We had a great weekend, it felt weird not being at the lake but with Kevin working so much, and this random sickness, there wasn’t much time for the lake.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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