Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Memorial Day, water balloons, zoo, brownie fun day, pool, and more!

Monday May 29
Our Memorial Day was super chill, and super weird. We are usually at the lake for this holiday, and with Kevin working two extra jobs we had zero time to go to the lake. So we made the best of the holiday at home. Started off the day with asking my Instagram peeps if they plan on grilling out for the day. It’s almost like are you not American if you don’t grill out for the summer holidays? Did a YouTube workout. Hadley helped prep for the food we were going to have. We grilled out steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, and made a cake. Hadley helped icing the cake with the blue icing she picked out at the store. We planned dinner so we ate later than normal, after Huxley went to bed, so we could enjoy being together outside on the back deck. It was so nice. After dinner, we did sparklers!

Tuesday May 30
Started off the day with a YouTube workout. Huxleys facetimes with his Dad when he’s at the firehouse, he always manages to take a screenshot while talking to him. To change things up, we ate lunch in the garage, and did some water balloons. After Huxley went down for his nap, Hadley and I went outside and hung out and got some sun. We are obsessed with this brand of chicken nuggets from Kroger called Just Bare, they almost taste like Chick-fil-a and are so good! After Huxley went to bed, Hadley did some more sparklers.

Wednesday May 31
What a busy Wednesday! Started off the day at the zoo, we love to get there as soon as they open so we have an hour of less crowded people. Huxley loved the train, and they both loved the new carousel! After the zoo, we headed home to eat lunch and for Huxley to take his afternoon nap. And then we headed to the pool! Kevin came with us for a little bit, and then had to umpire a softball game. We stayed for Hadleys first swim team practice of the year.

Thursday June 1
Hadley is not in girl scouts, but her school had a brownie fun day for all the lower grades so she chose to participate. It was a few hours in the morning of fun at a park! While she was having fun, I took a long walk at my favorite trail all by myself. Listened to some workout tunes, and walked as fast as I could. It felt so good. I picked up Hadley from brownie fun day, and her and I headed to the pool for a little bit. After Huxleys nap, him and Kevin met us at the pool for a little bit before Kevin had to umpire some more ball games. Hadley went with him of course, she loves it!

Friday June 2
Started our morning by taking a walk around the neighborhood, Hadley decided she didn’t want to do the hills, so she came home and left Huxley and I for the rest of the walk. While Huxley napped, we sat outside in our baby pool. Hadley sat in the pool, and literally almost fell asleep. I sat in the camping chair with my feet in the water, and almost fell asleep myself. It was so relaxing. When Huxley woke up, we had him join us in the baby pool and he was in heaven.

Saturday June 3
For the month of June, I’m trying to at least walk 1-2 miles a day, so far, I’m right on track! Kevin had to umpire three games during the day, after he was done, we went to our school festival. The weather decided to poor down rain right as we were going to the festival. Kevin, Hadley, and Huxley made it to the shelter before it started to poor, and I was stuck in the trunk of my car waiting for the rain to let up. By the time the rain stopped, it was time for Huxley’s bath so Kevin and him went home. Kevin didn’t mind because he was ready to go to bed himself, after working twenty-four hours at the firehouse the day before and umpiring three games in the hot heat. So, Hadley and I went to the festival just us two and had the best time. Love our school!

Sunday June 4
Another morning walk around the neighborhood, Huxley is so content on our walks! Cleaned out my car from the busy weekend we’ve had. Got all my Amazon returns in order, if I don’t mark them with where they are to be dropped off at, and when they are due by, I will never remember! When Hadley goes to get Huxley when he wakes up from his naps, it always ends up with her getting in his bed with him, and he just loves it. We headed to the festival to work a booth! I was a little nervous with Huxley in the stroller, but with all the snacks he was a champ. He stayed in the stroller the entire time! We hung out and walked around until Kevin got there. Hadley waited until the last day of the festival to win a fish, and she won not only one, but two! After Kevin arrived, Huxley and I headed home to put him to bed. Kevin and Hadley stayed and worked another booth. It was a good weekend!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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