Pool essentials.

Summer is here my friends! We belong to a pool in our community, and we go as much as we can. After one full summer, I’ve managed to have a few favorites we take to the pool. Check out these accessories and items we bring every time we head to the pool!

Swim pants – My daughter loves her swim pants! They are such an easy alternative than a regular towel, she puts them on and is dry and walks around the pool with them on in between swims. You can pretty much find these pants anywhere, Amazon, Etsy, or sporting goods stores. We found ours on here.

Goggles – We go through some goggles, so I tend to buy cheap for the summer since they will most likely get lost or break. My daughter uses these for swim team, and for just generally swimming in the pool. We’ve already had a pair break this summer, and it’s only the first week of June! Goggles can be found here.

Kids Hat – This hat is a must for infants, and toddlers. It can get wet, it ties in the back to fit their head for whatever size they are, and it protects them so much. My one-year-old will wear this the entire time he’s in the water. Hat can be found here.

Pool towels – We have about two bins full of towels, these tend to get lost also! I usually buy a couple at the beginning of the summer just to have some fresh new ones. Towels can be found here.

Kroger bags – I will stuff a few Kroger bags in the swim bag just to have for dirty diapers, trash, food, wipes, anything that just needs to be tossed in a bag before we throw it all away in the big garbage can wherever we might be. It’s easier to put in a Kroger bag than to walk back and forth to the garbage can, and if you have kids, you throw lots of stuff away.

Makeup brush – I started using a makeup brush to put on sunscreen for the kids and it’s a total game changer. It goes on so easy, and they don’t complain at all. If I’m using the aerosol can of sunscreen, I just spray it directly on the brush. If I’m using the liquid sunscreen, I’ll squirt a small amount on the brush. It works either way! Brush can be found here.

Pool toys – You can never have enough pool toys, kids love to play with stuff at the pool all the time. You can hit up the dollar store, or of course my favorite Amazon. Pool toys are everywhere. Random find on Amazon can be found here.

Sunscreen for adults – I’m a Coppertone fan all the way, it works for my skin the best. We always buy the blue sport one. Sunscreen can be found here.

Swim bag – I have three swim bags but use the one the most. The bag has side pockets all the way around the bag on the inside, a zipper pocket and then a large space for everything else. Ours is monogrammed with our last name on the outside, you can get your initials, name, anything you’d like. Similar bag can be found here.

Wagon / Chair Umbrella – This umbrella is awesome; we use it on the wagon for Huxley and we’ll use it on a pool chair. The pool never seems to have enough umbrellas, and those chairs go super-fast so this smaller umbrella works for what we need. Umbrella can be found here.

Wagon – We bought this wagon last summer for the beach, we used it to haul all the stuff like beach chairs, umbrella, bags, etc. This summer we used it to haul Huxley to softball games, and we also use it for the pool. We put our pool bag, chair umbrella, and Huxley in the wagon. It is the best thing! Similar wagon can be found here.

Sunscreen for babies/kids – Water babies is the best for little ones. Sunscreen can be found here.

What is your must have accessory when hanging out at the pool? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Oh I do not miss having to put sunscreen on my kiddos! Not that it was anywhere near the worst mom job but with 3 boys it seemed to take forever and I had one that nearly always burned anyway no matter how much I put on or how often. Those swim pants sound genius!

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