Summer 2021 / I want to remember.

As I say every year, Summer is my absolute favorite season!  I’m sad to see it come to a close soon, as the weather has sort of started changing. Some days have been cooler, and some days are still hot. But regardless of the weather, the season is about over, which means that fall is coming.   

I want to take a look back at Summer twenty twenty-one.  And so from Summer 2021…

I want to remember making Hadley’s start of the summer special and fun!

I want to remember celebrating my Mom and sister-in-law’s birthday together at Agave and Rye.

I want to remember Hadley bumping into a metal pole outside at dinner, and having a huge bump on her forehead.

I want to remember hanging lights in her room, and using them as a nightlight for bedtime.

I want to remember Mattie eating a slice of watermelon as big as her head.

I want to remember Memorial Day weekend at the lake being the coldest, and wearing sweatshirts on the dock.

I want to remember Hadley and Mattie swimming in the lake on the cold holiday weekend and then wearing a sweatshirt on the boat.

I want to remember the new Gator and everyone wanting a ride on it.

I want to remember being with my cousin Becca so much this summer, and almost every summer nowadays.

I want to remember Natalie graduating 8th grade.

I want to remember Brady got a mullet for a haircut.

I want to remember watching him play summer ball and bringing an umbrella for shade.

I want to remember playing indoor volleyball at St. Dominic.

I want to remember Uncle Brian always bumping volleyball with Hadley in the gym.

I want to remember Hadleys first day at summer camp.

I want to remember Kevin treating the softball team for ice cream for the end of the season.

I want to remember how excited Hadley gets when she sees Daddy come home from the fire station.

I want to remember driving all over town, delivering end of the season treat bags to Hadleys softball teams homes.

I want to remember going to the fire department’s picnic at Stricker’s Grove.

I want to remember Kevin going on all the kid rides with Hadley.

I want to remember the hurt baby deer on our front porch bleeding all over it’s head.

I want to remember calling animal control and watching a lady pick up a deer with her bare hands and taking him away.

I want to remember going to a comedy club with my BIL/SIL.

I want to remember watching a movie on the floor in the dining room with lots of blankets and pillows.

I want to remember waking Hadley up for a tornado warning and going to the basement, and her not remembering any of it.

I want to remember tossing baseball at the lake in the gravel driveway.

I want to remember putting Hadleys hair in braids after her showers.

I want to remember going to the treehouse in Mt. Airy forest for our Summer Bucket List.

I want to remember going to Kroger for the 4th of July, and barely being able to push the cart.

I want to remember how much Hadley loves swimming in pools.

I want to remember how much fun the lake is when all the little cousins are there.

I want to remember golfing in the Boss for the 4th.

I want to remember everyone calling me “Rosie the Riveter” in my blue swimsuit and red bandana.

I want to remember Hadley and Mattie went to the Ark Encounter with Grandma.

I want to remember making s’mores on the dock.

I want to remember celebrating Kristin’s 40th birthday.

I want to remember going to the movies.

I want to remember listening to a live band with Grandma and Grandad and enjoying a blue slushie.

I want to remember making a fort in the family room and watching The Parent Trap, another item on our Summer Bucket List

I want to remember getting stung by a bee twice in two weeks while cutting the grass.

I want to remember Hadley and Kevin playing airplane in the family room.

I want to remember Hadley getting a fresh haircut before vacation and school.

I want to remember painting her toes rainbow.

I want to remember laying out in the driveway.

I want to remember surprising Hadley with a scavenger hunt to tell her we’re going to Florida for vacation.

I want to remember how much Hadley loves Target as much as I do.

I want to remember Hadley being such a good kiddo, especially when she’s the only kid around.

I want to remember Uncle Fred getting Kevin a hawaiian skirt.

I want to remember going on walks / runs at the trail.

I want to remember Kevin taking her to a pool for a few hours in the morning. She could swim all day everyday.

I want to remember her first outdoor soccer practice.

I want to remember making bags with paint pens.

I want to remember getting pedicures before vacation.

I want to remember the drive to Destin wasn’t so bad as we stopped on the way.

I want to remember having surprise bags in the car.

I want to remember how excited Hadley was for her first hotel stay.

I want to remember working out the majority of the time on vacation.

I want to remember the first time getting in the ocean once we unpacked the truck.

I want to remember going crab hunting at night and seeing so many of them.

I want to remember going on a dolphin cruise and seeing not only dolphins, but also sharks.

I want to remember how beautiful the water was.

I want to remember going to Lulu’s for dinner and loving the atmosphere.

I want to remember the photo when hundreds of Afghans packed into a US military cargo plane as they flee Kabul.

I want to remember meeting the first grade teacher and how excited Hadley was.

I want to remember driving the gator to the marina on the backroads to pick up pizza for dinner.

I want to remember using the tent at soccer.

I want to remember Ari watching lego videos on YouTube and how intrigued he was.

I want to remember softball and how much she learned having her Dad as the coach.

I want to remember celebrating Natalie turning 14.

I want to remember having smoothies for breakfast.

I want to remember how excited Hadley gets shopping for school stuff.

I want to remember her first day of school, and no tears!

I want to remember Kevin making bookbag hooks.

I want to remember getting rid of the big kitchen table and downsizing to one that fits.

I want to remember the 13 service members killed in an attack at the airport in Kabul.

I want to remember using a vitamin sorter for how many different vitamins I take.

I want to remember all the hard work we did to keep up the front yard makeover.

I want to remember her first season of cheerleading.

I want to remember Labor Day weekend at the lake was very very quiet.

I want to remember always feeding the horses.

I want to remember Natalie made the JV volleyball team as a freshman in high school.

I want to remember finding Downy Ocean Mist scent booster, and loving the smell!

Summer is just about ending, and it was a good one!

From the past few weekends…

Happy Monday everyone! Catching back up from the last few weeks. We’ve been busy enjoying summer, going to the lake, marking off our Summer Bucket List, and so many other things. I can’t believe July is almost over, this Summer is just flying by soo fast. Love it, but also hate it. Here are some different collages of photos from what we’ve been up to…

Part of our Summer Bucket List was to visit the Mt. Airy Forest Treehouse. We didn’t even know this place existed until I started looking up things to do this Summer. We had the whole place to ourselves, it was so cute. Hadley couldn’t believe how big it was! Afterwards, we stopped at a picnic bench and she drew the treehouse in her journal. And then we played at the playground for a little bit, it was a great day!

We went over to Kevin’s friends pool and swam with him and his family. The pool felt amazing! Afterwards we grilled out, dodging the super fast storm that rolled in. His wife made homemade ice cream, so so good! The Thursday of July 4th weekend, I went to Kroger in the morning and so glad I did. It was already crowded, and going to the store for our family for 10 days at the lake should count as a workout in itself. The cart was so full I could barely push it! We went out to dinner after work that day, and Hadley wearing Dad’s hat at dinner.

Friday of July 4th weekend, we went to a graduation pool party! The kids had a blast, and being around this pool brought back so many memories of our old house and our pool. It was great to see everyone, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!

July 4th weekend at the lake, started off with the cove party! The house at the end of our cove puts on a band every year, and half the lake anchors in our cove, swims, hangs out, it’s a great time. Our dock was a hot spot, we had so many kids we didn’t know jumping off our high jump!

Sunday was the golf tournament! We came in second place, it was a scramble so pretty easy and fun! It was hot hot hot though, we were sweating our butts off by the end of the tourney. Brady showing off with the winners cape / hat afterwards. Came back to the lake and swam, it felt so good to cool off.

Grandma took the girls to the Ark Encounter for the day. I drove back home for a few days for work, and then came back for the weekend. Everyone else stayed all week long. The big kids took the pontoon boat out by themselves time, and the battery died (because nobody uses it anymore!), and they had to get a tow back to the dock. The pictures the kids took on their phones were hysterical.

Bonfire night! Hadleys first time roasting s’mores. She liked it, so she says. S’mores are so delicious, yet so filling. It was a gorgeous night for a bonfire!

Thursday of last week, we went to the West Chester Clock Tower, for a concert outside. It was nice to just sit, chill, talk, and enjoy live music. Hadley loved the snow cones, people watching, looking at all the different dogs people brought, and playing hangman with Grandma.

Another Summer Bucket List item marked off the list, watch the Parent Trap movie under a fort! I printed off a few “camp” like things, taped them to the TV stand, made a fort with old sheets, and Hadley was in heaven. Super simple things like this, makes her so so happy.

Well there you have it, just a few photos of what we’ve been up too! It’s been a pretty great Summer so far. As always, thanks for reading!

The 2021 Summer Bucket List.

The summer bucket list is here! I’ve spent a few days thinking of new ideas for this summer and I couldn’t wait to share. We’ve done a few bucket lists for each season here and there. Summer, Fall, Christmas, etc. My most favorite is definately the summer list. I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to Summer than this year. As we all know it’s been one crazy year, and having things to look forward to this summer has been heavily on my mind. I’m so happy the summer season is finally here. There is just something about Summer that is so nostaglic for me, creating memories, being outside in the sunshine, and just being in the moment.

We hang our bucket list in the kitchen where everyone frequents the most, so it’s always a constant visual for everyone and something pretty to look at as well. Hadley has looked at this I don’t know how many times since I hung it up this weekend. Her top four things she wants to do the most is #1 trampoline park, #2 lemonade stand, #3 go to a pool, and #4 tie-dye something. So in my head, I try to plan out those things first if it works for our schedule. What I also do is if I don’t already have the items, is buy or find these things so they are all easily ready when it’s time to do each one. The whole point of a bucket list is to have fun, not things that cost a lot of money, or take a lot to plan, just a little thought and effort can go a long way.

Feel free to download and print yours here. I invite you to follow along with us, use some of our ideas, or create some new ones, however you see it working for you and your family or loved ones. I’d love to see what you come up with! I’ll be posting a lot on Instagram, if you don’t already follow, my handle is @lifewithmandyjoy.

Happy Summer folks!

Memorial Day Weekend 2021.

Saturday. This was the only photo I took all day! We were frozen, and didn’t even make it to the dock. After Hadley went to sleep we went down to our cousins for a bonfire.

Sunday. In the morning I worked out in the basement, and then edged the pathway we use for the gator to go up and down the hill to the dock.

Sunday. The girls were absolutely crazy for swimming while it was 60 degrees outside! The water was warmer than it was outside though. We were in jackets, pants, and socks/shoes!

Sunday. My nephew Max playing with their dog Buckley. And these two little ones put on sweatshirts over their wet bathing suits to go on the boat. I don’t know how they weren’t totally frozen!

Sunday. Meanwhile, the adults in the back of the boat bundled up!

Sunday. We went on a golf cart ride to feed the horses, since the gator is currently broken.

Sunday. My niece Maisie has a tiny dog that has the longest tongue! I bought all the kids pop-its, and only the girls were really interested. They popped them in the garage and Papa came out to watch.

Monday. My nephew Max and his lovely little kid smiles with his friends.

Monday. Out of the entire weekend, this was the best weather day we had! I never put on my bathing suit, I just couldn’t with how chilly it was. After lunch time, it was starting to get warm but I still just kept on what I had. Selfies with my niece Maisie, lots of boat rides, chilling on the dock, and just hanging out. It was a great start to the summer!

Little miss Hadley was exhausted, she has so much fun but will take a few weekends to get used to all the fun!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend, and remember what Memorial Day really means.

From the weekend.

Friday. We had two days just us two. We started the weekend out by playing with water balloons and relaxing in the front driveway. Water, sun, and happiness.

Friday. We grilled out steak and broccoli on the back deck.

Saturday. Surprised Hadley with a trip to the Zoo. Every kid just loves going to the Zoo, no matter how many times we go. She knows so much about the animals, and she was the map guide deciding how to get to each animal she picked out. She loves to get her face painted, unicorn for the win!

Sunday. The big kids came over in the morning, and they both got to see Hadley play her softball game. Brady helped Coach Dad by being the catcher, and Natalie and my parents were cheering her on!

It was a great weekend! Looking forward to making soo many more memories this Summer!