Front yard flowers.

It’s been three years since we did our front yard makeover, and the yard is still going strong! I look forward to planting flowers each year in our yard. This year, my daughter has loved to help plant the annual flowers with me. We have a mixture of both annuals and perennials. I love picking out the annuals every year, and the perennials are still thriving three years later.

The green leafy flowers on the bottom edge are called hydrangea tiny tuff stuff, and they need lots and lots of water! I read somewhere that the tiny tuff stuff like to be watered on the actual leaves, as well as the roots. They are doing great so far this summer, full, bright and green leaves.

The smaller flowers are my favorite vincas! They do so well in the sun, which is what the majority of this space in our yard gets is sun. This year I went with white, pink, and a dark maroon color.

The yellow bush like plants are called, spirea double play candy corn which are perennials. They come back great every year, and do not require much watering.

Moving up to the front porch area, the three hostas are thriving! They have grown back so full and vibrant this year. They look great!

To the left of the front porch is our large hydrangea limelight bush. No hydrangeas yet, but the leaves are bright and green!

On the front porch is a hanging basket of overflowing vincas, in the smaller pots are vincas and some random coleus, and in the larger white pots are a shade combo. I wasn’t a huge fan of the shade combos, but it was slim pickings this year, so we went with it.

On our back deck, we planted some salmon impatiens that are more of a reddish color. Since we have a red umbrella for our patio table, we figured it would look good back there. They have done great back on the deck, it’s shady most of the time but part of the day is all sun.

I feel old as hell talking about flowers and plants every year. I never would’ve thought I’d get so excited about a yard, but it is what it is. I’m so proud of our yard, from where it started and to where it is now. You can read more about what our yard looked like when we first moved in here. The previous owners were very low maintenance when it came to landscaping!

Thanks for reading about our yard!

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