I am now a minivan mom.

I have been driving a minivan for two months now, and I can finally admit that I like it. It took a few weeks for sure, but I can honestly say that I’m a fan now. I have always been a SUV person, like always. A part of me is still an SUV person, like I really want my big SUV someday. But, even buying a used one that I want right now is insanely expensive. I have to live in a realistic world, and not some crazy unrealistic world that I can’t afford. Someday. Someday for sure. But for right now, the minivan life is here.

Introducing the Kia Carnival van! It really doesn’t look like a full-fledged minivan, it sort of looks like a crossover of a mini-SUV and van, etc. My previous car was a Kia Telluride, and I loved that thing. But, with growing children we needed more space, and this minivan definitely has the space.

My first choice of color was white, but it wasn’t available, so we went with a dark grey. I like it. I like the wheels too. Always love the rims on cars, whatever kind they are. We also got the front windows tinted the second day we got it. I just love the look of all the windows being the same tint color.

The interior is nice. At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the color of the interior. Kids and light-colored seats aren’t always the greatest option. Kids are dirty, they spill things, and just get stuff all over. But we got the coating coverage that protects the seats so hopefully that will be okay. The two-toned camel/black color is pretty nice looking. The screen on the front dashboard is huge and has so many options. Like so many options I haven’t even figured them all out yet, and it’s been two months!

The trunk space is huge, and I haven’t had to put the back seats down yet for more room! In the Telluride, I always had to have the back seats down to fit the stroller and groceries, or whatever I had in the trunk. The middle seat can come out and leave the middle row as two bucket seats, but for now, Hadley loves the middle row. She loves the van period! One more thing, the sliding doors are amazing. I know that is a thing with minivans now, but after driving one now and having kids in and out, the sliding doors are awesome. You don’t have to worry about them hitting other cars when they open the doors, or worry about hitting the walls in the garage, or whatever it may be. Plus, Hadley loves to hit the button to open and close her side of the door.

I really can’t believe I am driving a minivan now. After for what feels like forever, always saying I would never ever drive one. Driving a minivan has grown on me. But, I will always have that dream of having my big SUV one day…

To all the minivan fans out there, I’m here for it. Maybe not forever, but for right now, I’m here for it! So, cheers to the minivan peeps who never thought they would drive one but do now!

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