Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Lots of walks, swim practice, early Father’s Day, the library, went to two different parks, the zoo, and volleyball!

Monday June 12
With Kevin being home, I took a walk by myself around the neighborhood. Hadley’s swim practice was cancelled because it was too cold! So, her and Kevin practiced softball in the yard.

Tuesday June 13
I cannot get over how chilly it has been the last few days! I mean it’s almost July for crying out loud, we should be sweating on these morning walks not wearing a light jacket! During swim team practice, I dropped off a few bags of donated clothes and random things. I’ve been on a decluttering kick and it feels great to get stuff out of the house. After swim practice, we cleaned out my car, and just hung outside. For dinner, we met up with my parents and brothers’ family to celebrate Father’s Day a few days early.

Wednesday June 14
Wednesday was a busy fun day! During swim team practice, Huxley and I ventured around the pool grounds and explored a little. It was like off roading in the stroller, which wasn’t the best, but it was good for one day. After practice, we stopped by the library to drop off books from before school was out and checked out two more books for Hadley. After lunch and afternoon naps, we went to a local park. It was a little more crowded than I figured it would be, but did the kids have fun! Hadley loves to do the zipline, and Huxley was in heaven walking around. On the way home, Hadley convinced me for her to get McDonald’s for an early dinner and we bought a “Grimace Birthday Meal”. Take my advice, don’t get the meal. It was $13.00, and all it was was a purple milkshake with food and fries! Total rip-off and the shake wasn’t even that good, Hadley barely drank it.

Thursday June 15
Since Huxley turned one back in February, I’ve been meaning to measure him on this ruler we have in his room. We do the same thing for Hadley and measure her every year on her birthday. Huxley is almost three feet tall! Another walk at swim practice, and then Huxley was getting antsy in the stroller, so we walked around a little bit. Later that evening, Hadley had a swim meet that her dad took her too. We are going to take turns staying home with Huxley, they are just too long and it’s not fun chasing him around a pool for hours and hours. One of the moms sent me some photos of her swimming!

Friday June 16
We saw a deer on our morning walk. Instead of swim practice, they had team photos that took almost two hours! The photographer had a bad memory card or something along those lines and he had to retake the individual photos. Very long morning. After lunch and naps, we headed to another park! It was Huxleys first time going down a slide by himself and it was the funniest thing to watch. He must’ve gone down the slide a dozen times.

Saturday June 17
Went to the zoo on a Saturday morning! It’s never really that crowded until closer to 11am/noon. We left when it started getting super crowded. Stopped by the fire house to see Kevin (and did not take one picture!) and then we just hung out at home. I watered the flowers, and Huxley played with a small cooler with water. After being in the sun, I brought out the wagon and umbrella to give him some shade. That umbrella works wonders! Hadley went down to the neighbor’s house and helped them sell lemonade, they donated all of the proceeds to cancer!

Sunday June 18
For Father’s Day we were supposed to go to the lake for the day, but the volleyball league we joined decided to have the first game on this day. Total bummer. But we made do. I took a walk with Huxley, and then cut the grass. The big kids came over, we haven’t seen them in over a month it felt like. They went on vacation with their mom, and weekends with friends, and things like that. We went to the volleyball game, which is held at our pool, it was a lot of fun. Met some new parents, and one that goes to Hadley’s school! After the game, we swam at the pool for a little bit and then headed home to grill out dinner. We ate outside on the back deck. It was nice to just hangout all together.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I know just what you mean about the weather! Here it is, the first official day of summer, and I’m in pants and a sweatshirt in the middle of the day. It’s crazy. Looks like you had a wonderful week despite the cool temps though.

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