Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Shopping for the kids, lots more walks, first trip to the lake, swim team, and lots of pool time!

Monday June 19
Early morning walk with Huxley around the neighborhood, swim team practice for Hadley, and then just chilled the rest of the day.

Tuesday June 20
Walk in the morning around the neighborhood, swim team practice for Hadley. After Huxley’s nap, we headed back out and went to Kohls, Hadley and Huxley got a few new outfits for summer. After Kohl’s, we went to Cancun for dinner, and I was so proud of myself I did not have one ounce of white cheese! I’m trying to be good lately.

Wednesday June 21
We went to the lake for the first time this summer! It’s been a weird summer so far, not going to the lake at all until almost July but that’s how things worked out. We met one of Kevin’s high school buddies and his family for the day at the lake. Hadley went tubing, fishing, and just hanging out on the dock all day. Huxley took an amazing nap too! When we got home, Hadley had a sweet summer surprise from her aunt / Godmother Amy on the front porch, new charms for her crocs!

Thursday June 22
Walked during swim practice, and sometimes Huxley is about ready to get out after a mile but I try so hard to get two miles in and then get him out. We walked around the picnic table area towards the end of practice. We came home, ate some lunch, put Huxley down for his nap, Hadley chilled on the couch, and I took a webinar. It’s for families of firefighters, and for firefighters as well. It was a good webinar, went over the job they go through, and its effect on themselves and their families, and how to cope with things, etc. There were over 50 people on the call, from all over the U.S.! It was Kevins turn to go to Hadleys swim meet, I was able to see her swim the first event before Kevin got there and Huxley and I had to leave. She has so much fun swimming with her friends!

Friday June 23
Instead of swim team practice, they had a pancake breakfast! Hadley played games, and Huxley was in heaven with all the people under the shelter. After breakfast, they swam for fun for a little bit. It was another weird cold morning in June, we had sweatshirts on! Later in the afternoon, we delivered our softball goodie bags to all the players on the team this year. We were a little late this year, but you know, life is busy these days.

Saturday June 24
Huxley and I walked at the trail, which is my favorite place to walk. The whole thing is two miles, but he gets antsy after a mile, but I strap him in and keep going. Kevin had a special event to work for the fire department, it was a bike race. We went to the pool later in the afternoon, and it was still packed! Both kids love the pool, it’s just a lot of work bringing all the things for a toddler!

Sunday June 25
Hadley chose to go to the pool with just her and I for a few hours for her birthday date for June. We pretty much had the pool to ourselves for a while. The weather was calling for severe storms in the afternoon, so we headed up early. Kevin met us at the pool later for our volleyball game, Hadley was the best and watched Huxley for the entire hour. Lots of snacks. She was great with him! After volleyball, we swam for a little bit, it felt amazing I was so hot. And then the clouds started coming in, and everyone was leaving. We came home, ate dinner, and hit the sheets!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. It has been a pretty cold and wet spring/summer here so we’re not spending nearly as much time outside as usual. Though luckily we can still manage to get out around the storms and just have to rely more on pants and long sleeves. It sounds like you had a really wonderful week.

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