Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Soccer camp, haircuts, highlights, permanent bracelets, swim practice, and the lake!

Monday June 26
Early morning walk with Huxley during soccer camp, and after our walk we went down to the fields to watch Hadley play. Hadley was exhausted after camp, it was hot! Whenever I take a picture, Huxley has started to smile right away, it’s so darn cute! We crossed one thing off our summer bucket list by eating outside at Sonic. It wasn’t very easy with Huxley, but we made it happen.

Tuesday June 27
Walked again during soccer camp in the morning, we just walked around the school parking lot. After camp was over, I surprised Hadley by having her favorite Starbucks drink. Huxley got his haircut, and then I got my haircut and highlighted. Love hair day!

Wednesday June 28
Walked around our neighborhood before soccer camp this morning. While camp was going on, Huxley and I went to Kroger to get the things that were out of stock on my delivery order. The last day of camp they had shaved ice, she had a great camp! Huxley had his fourth haircut of his little life, but the first-time using trimmers. He cried a little, but just love how it turned out. I love the short fade on him! Kroger delivered our groceries for the weekend, and I started packing and organizing them in bins. My sister-in-law Bridgett and I went and got permanent bracelets put on, it was a gift for my birthday back in March. It was so fun, and I love the bracelets. We want to go back and get more!

Thursday June 29
Walked after we woke up, Hadley started watering the flowers before swim team practice. The way Hadley plays with Huxley is just the cutest thing, she is seriously the best big sister. During swim team practice, Huxley and I went to wash and vacuum my car. We made these yogurt popsicles out of these new molds we bought, and the kids just love them! They are super tiny, and easy for Huxley to hold. Hadley had a swim meet, and she placed first in backstroke in her age group! She was so excited.

Friday June 30
Hadley started watering the flowers for me while I was walking with Huxley. After Kevin slept a little, we packed up the car and headed to the lake for the holiday weekend! It took a day or so for Huxley to adjust, Hadley wanted to fish right away. She caught three! It feels so weird having our eighteen-year-old stay up late with us now to hangout, he’s such a good kid.

Saturday July 1
The day started off with some rain off and on, I got a quick walk in. After Huxley took a nap, we headed down to the dock. After dinner, took Hadley and Mattie to see the horses, not many were out. Huxley went to bed at his usual time, and then we hung outside just talking. My cousin Becca was in from out of town, and it was so good to see her and her sweet babe Evelyn!

Sunday July 2
Every kid loves the gator, they love playing around on the seats and just sitting in it. We take lots of gator rides, and while Kevin golfed in the morning, we took a ride and little Huxley fell asleep! I had to put my arm around his belly to stop him from falling over it was so cute. I guess the fresh air, and the sound of the gator was relaxing to him! Every fourth of July, they have a band play in our cove. Due to the crazy weather the day before, they moved the band to Sunday. All the boats hangout in our cove and listen to the music. It’s a fun time! The weather started to get bad again, so we packed up the kids and headed up to the house. It poured, lightening, and thundered. My cousin Will loves to come up with crazy outfits for the fourth, this year was total Dad mode. It was hilarious! It took Huxley awhile to fall asleep, so Kevin and I stayed at the house and watched a movie. When it was time for Hadley to go to bed, Kevin went down to lay with her and stayed in bed. I headed down to my cousins to hangout! When I got back to the lake house, Hadley was all curled up with her dad in bed, so I slept in her little bed. We had a great holiday weekend!

Happy Wednesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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