Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! The rest of our Fourth of July, walks, patriotic dessert, fireworks at home, the pool, and sleepover at the grandparents!

Monday July 3
Early morning walk on our last day at the lake! I was sweating my booty off walking up and down the hills of Kentucky! Took the kids tubing, it’s always fun to watch the big kids try and knock each other off. We try to do shaving cream for the kids on big summer holidays, they spray themselves down with the shaving cream, and then jump in the water and it all washes off. My brother-in-law had the idea to bring out the cornhole, it was fun! Haven’t played in years. We went down to my cousin’s dock to see baby Evelyn one last time, and I failed to get one photo of her! It was so great to see my cousin, she doesn’t come in town much since they moved, so when she is in town, I soak up the time I get with her!

Tuesday July 4
Back home to our regular routine! When Huxley wakes up in the morning, he hates his diaper changed first thing, he’d rather down his milk first and look out the window. Then we take our walk either around the neighborhood, the trail, or swim team practice. This morning was around the neighborhood. My sister-in-law and niece sent me pictures of the kids doing shaving cream on the dock, and all of their fourth of July gear I got them. During one of Huxley’s naps, Hadley and I made a patriotic dessert. She wanted me to text her cousin a picture of her wearing all the tattoos her cousin gave her. They were cute! After Huxley went to bed, we went outside to do some small fireworks and just hang out together. It was a pretty chill fourth this year! We came home because Kevin had to work.

Wednesday July 5
Morning walk around the neighborhood! My bonus daughter Natalie sent me a picture of her learning how to wakeboard at the lake! She looks great! Hadley was hanging out with her friend at her pool! While she was swimming, Huxley enjoyed his new favorite treat. Frozen yogurt popsicle! He gets so messy eating them; I usually end up stripping him down to his diaper and he eats it in the garage.

Thursday July 6
On our walk around the neighborhood, sometimes we come across all sorts of wildlife. We’ll see these wild turkeys from time to time, and I always think of trying to catch one and eating him for Thanksgiving one year! haha! This week during Hadley’s swim team practice, I’ve been driving back and forth to Once Upon a Child to sell some of Huxley’s clothes he’s growing out of, and Huxley fell asleep! He hasn’t done that since he was a teeny baby! My husband got overtime at the firehouse last minute, so my parents graciously took Hadley to her swim meet. The swim meets are over way too late for Huxley to be there, he goes to bed at 7:30pm! It’s glorious!

Friday July 7
Killing it with walking every morning! It’s so good for my mental health! We had plans to go back to the lake Thursday and Friday, but when Kevin got overtime, he needed to catch up on some sleep. So, we headed to the pool after Huxley’s nap and ate dinner there. The water finally feels amazing, not too cold, and not too warm, very refreshing!

Saturday July 8
Some days I feel super in shape, and other days I just feel gross. Today was one of those days I felt just gross. Oh well, we all have those days, right? I just keep going, because walking makes me feel really good afterwards! Hadley spent the day with her grandparents, and cousin. They went to a sign museum, and Dave and Busters! Huxley definitely missed his big sister, he could tell she wasn’t home but didn’t know how to communicate it, I guess. Another yogurt popsicle in the garage, that ended up with him being down to his diaper. Sams Club delivery is just the best. We facetimed Hadley right before bed, it was the cutest thing. Huxley was all smiles, and even blew his sister a kiss when we said good night.

Sunday July 9
Sunday funday! Sometimes I walk at this trail that I just love, and they are demolishing all the land and putting condos there! We saw a mama deer and her baby running all over the place, they are taking away the forest for these animals. It looks so weird walking along this trail that was nothing but nature, and now to see all this dirt and bulldozers. It’s so sad. While Huxley was taking his first nap, I was doing the dishes and didn’t hear the camera notification go off that Kroger was there. Kroger Boost is amazing. Highly recommend it, it’s 100% worth the yearly fee. Anyways, they have never put the groceries right in front of our garage door before, it was super nice! Hadley had a sleepover at her grandparents, and we were so glad when she came home! I missed her! When Huxley woke up from his second nap, you can tell he missed her too! He gave her a hug and was all smiles! We headed to the pool for a little bit, I love that it’s super close, and the kids just love it there. Kevin and I love it too. After the pool, we came home and ate a quick dinner, then bath and bed! We had a great week!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful week! I love that photo of your kiddos sitting together on the side of the pool. It’s so sweet.

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