Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Walks and more walks, swim team finals, yogurt pops, the sprinkler, firehouse, volleyball game, and more!

Monday July 10
Early morning walk with the little man, and we saw some deer running across the street. We stayed home the rest of the day, resting up for the swim finals that night. In recreation swimming, they have A and B finals. If you can take a guess, A finals is the faster swimmers than B finals. Hadley made the B finals, but she was super stoked she made any finals. It was a fun meet! We don’t know her final time yet, but I think she got first in backstroke again. Back is her stroke so far!

Tuesday July 11
Walk in the morning, and then eggs and toast for breakfast for Huxley. In the afternoon, we brought out the sprinkler and the kids cooled off. The grass gets watered, and the kids have fun at the same time. We could go to the pool every day, but some days it’s nice to just stay home. Going to the pool with little ones is a lot of work sometimes!

Wednesday July 12
Saw wild turkeys on our morning walk. We have super random wildlife out here in the ‘burbs! Watered the flowers like we tend to do about every other day or so. I met up with some moms from Hadley’s school for happy hour / dinner. We went to a place that is right on the river, it was so nice. I could live by any body of water almost. It’s very relaxing. Nice to catch up and hangout with just the girls.

Thursday July 13
Walked at the trail solo, I did the entire trail and sang my hype songs out loud to myself! It felt amazing. Came home, Huxley took his first nap, and we headed to the pool! It was not very crowded at all, and the water felt amazing. Hadley always runs into at least one friend when we are there, and she has the best time.

Friday July 14
Morning walk with Huxley, stopped at Kroger to get some things for the house. I tried these skinny-dipped cashews for an impromptu movie night with Hadley and they were good! Almost every afternoon, both Hadley and Huxley will have a yogurt pop. We strip Huxley down to his diaper because he takes forever to eat the yogurt pops, and it drips all over himself. So, eating them outside is the easiest way for him. Then the kids ran through the sprinkler, it’s been hot! Kevin was driving the engine, and he just loves it! For an impromptu movie night, meaning no signage / decor or themed snacks, we watched The Rookie of the Year, an oldie, but figured Hadley would love it because it’s about baseball.

Saturday July 15
Walked in the morning with Huxley. Hadley had a yogurt tube for breakfast and ended up squirting it on her face! It was so funny, she belly laughed out loud! Kevin was on overtime at a different house, so we went to visit him! They have five turtles they feed on a daily basis, and you can see the planes fly in and out, the kids loved it!

Sunday July 16
Walked in the morning, had a volleyball game in the afternoon that I went to with just the kids and I. Hadley basically watched Huxley for an hour, and she is just amazing at being a big sister. Huxley stayed in the wagon the entire time, she squirted him with her water gun, we brought his favorite yogurt pops that managed to stay frozen in a lunch box with lots of ice packs, and lots of snacks. We won two out of three games! After the volleyball game, we went to the pool for a little bit. Once I get to the pool it’s fine, it’s just lugging all the stuff there is what’s hard some days. After the pool, we went home to eat dinner and by this time Kevin was home from work. He and Huxley went to bed, and Hadley and I went out for ice cream as part of a huge thank you for how awesome she is at watching her little brother. Plus it was part of our summer bucket list!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly recap.

  1. Such a wonderful week! Love that Hadley made the finals and was so pleased- I always figure as long as my kids are happy with how they did I am too. The pool photos all look so wonderful. I’ve tried the skinny dipped almonds but not the cashews yet; I thought they were good too.

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