Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Walks, school supply shopping, the zoo, pool grill out, and volleyball champs!

Monday July 17
Early morning walk with the little man, played outside a little bit, and then went school shopping for Hadley. We bought the majority of the supplies at Kroger, and they were so cheap! She found the bookbag and water bottle at Kohls, and I found a sale online at Pottery Barn for the lunch box! After dinner, Hadley played outside with the neighbors.

Tuesday July 18
Went to the zoo with a friend and her kiddos! It was a first time for Hadley feeding the giraffes! It was a fun day. Later on in the afternoon, we went to the pool with Kevin after he woke up. The water felt amazing!

Wednesday July 19
Early morning walk with Huxley. I’ve been doing an okay job drinking water out of my Stanley cup, I could drink a tad more everyday but at least I’m drinking! Hadley got out some of her baby dolls to play with this week, and Huxley was smitten by them. He wanted to hold them, and kept touching their eye balls haha

Thursday July 20
Early morning walk yay! After Huxley went to bed, Hadley and I sat outside for a little bit and one of the clouds looked like cotton candy.

Friday July 21
Hadley had another volleyball camp in the morning at a local high school. She’s learning a lot this summer! Ordered a long sleeve rash guard for Hadley for the beach, it fits her so good! Went to the pool late in the afternoon and met up with some of Hadley’s friends for a grill out. It’s fun to have dinner at the pool, it’s so relaxed and chill.

Saturday July 22
Kevin has been needing a new phone, like really bad, so we went to the phone store and we both ended up getting new phones. And we got Hadley a smart watch! I plan to do a more in-depth post about it later after she has worn it for a while. She is beyond happy to have it!

Sunday July 23
We’ve been seeing lots of deer on our walks lately, they are all over our neighborhood. Kevin washed his truck and my car. Love a good hand washed car. And then we headed to our volleyball tournament up at the pool! We knew it was going to be a semi-long day, but we had no anticipation of winning the whole thing! We joined this league not knowing anyone, and now we know a few more people! It was fun. And poor Hadley, she was such a trooper and watched Huxley for like five hours. We had a few breaks in between games, so we let Hadley go swim while we put Huxley in the baby pool to cool him off. He did pretty good overall, and all the parents were so helpful with him and Hadley while Kevin and I played.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. The zoo looks like so much fun and I love that red panda on the carousel! I think it’s so wonderful that you both get to play volleyball and have such wonderful help with Huxley to be able to do that. Congrats on winning!

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