Currently – August 2023.

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re talking about what we’re currently loving, savoring, celebrating, remembering, and trying this month.

Loving: How our summer has gone this year! I feel like we have been go go go most of the time, but it’s been super fun and we’ve been doing lots of things. Like going to festivals, working our own school festival, a few lake trips (not as many as we’d like), swim team, swimming at the pool, and much more!

Savoring: Every minute with Hadley and Huxley, this summer has been busy but fun. I love watching life fly by through their eyes. It goes by way too fast!

Celebrating: Small victories on the scale. It’s been harder this time around, but I’m staying consistent and not stopping. Not giving up is where I’m at!

Remembering: The older I get the faster life goes. This summer has literally felt like I blinked an eye, and it’s coming to an end. I want to remember the moments, not things.

Trying: New places from our summer bucket list! We’ve been to a few new places, and a few places we’ve been to before. I love trying new places and things, and giving the kids new experiences.

And that’s what I’ve been up to currently!

Happy Wednesday!

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