Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Lake time, lots of walks, swim team banquet, pool time, firehouse visits, movie on the computer, and more!

Monday July 24
Kevin had two days off work, so we decided to go to the lake! It’s always so nice to go to the lake during the week, nobody is there, and it’s so peaceful! After dinner and Huxley going to bed, we did a movie night with the blowup screen! We watched the movie RV with Robin Williams.

Tuesday July 25
Started off the morning by taking a gator ride down to feed the horses. Huxley was not afraid at all, he handed the carrot right up to the horse! Kevin had to do some work on the firepit down at the dock, and I tried to keep Huxley occupied until naptime. While Huxley napped, we took Hadley out for a long boat ride. Later on in the day, Hadley fished and caught soo many fish! She loves it. She just needs to learn how to get the fish off the hook. On the way home, Hadley did her best to keep tired Huxley happy by giving him licks of a tootsie roll pop!

Wednesday July 26
Early morning walk! Whipped out the pack ‘n play to see how big it is, since we haven’t used it yet. Plan to bring it to Florida with us in the next few weeks. Hadley cleaned her room and started making bracelets. She goes in and out with making bracelets, and when she’s into it, she really gets into it! Hadley loves her smartwatch; she’ll text her dad while he’s at the firehouse and she figured out how to make pictures bigger.

Thursday July 27
Morning walk with Huxley man. Went to Kroger with both kids, and Hadley bought a Jurassic Park fanny pack with her own money. I don’t get why all the merch for Jurassic Park suddenly, but she was all about it. After Kevin woke up, we headed to the pool! Since it’s been so so hot out lately, the water has felt absolutely amazing. Kevin and Huxley went home to eat dinner and put him to bed. Hadley and I stayed at the pool for her swim team banquet. She was so excited with all of her ribbons! We stayed for a little bit afterwards so she could swim with a friend.

Friday July 28
Morning walk with Huxley, and then I did a short workout on the Nike app. Trying to do a little more than just walking here lately. Kevin and Hadley went to the pool for Hadleys birthday date.

Saturday July 29
The morning rain put a damper on my walk, so I did a workout on the Nike app in the basement. With Huxley because I never get to be alone haha Huxley trying on Hadleys swim goggles was hilarious. The rain stopped and the sun came out, so I went on a walk too. Hadley has been on a ponytail with a braid kick, it looks cute on her. Kevin was at another firehouse, and he forgot something, so we drove down to visit him. It’s always exciting to see him get a run while we’re there, going out of the bay lights and sirens. After Huxley went to bed, Hadley and I watched a movie on the computer monitor. She’s been begging to watch a movie this way, so we did. Laying on the floor is super uncomfortable the older I get, but I still did it. We watched the movie The Slumber Party on DisneyPlus.

Sunday July 30
Walked in the morning. After Huxleys afternoon nap, we went outside to have some yogurt pops. The kids love these things! We pretty much just had a lazy Sunday at home. Gearing up for the week ahead, soccer practice starts, and it feels like things are going to get even busier!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Such a wonderful looking week. We prefer our lake during the week too as it is so much quieter during the week than on the weekends.

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