Third grader.

We have an official third grader! First day of school today. Hadley was beyond excited; she couldn’t wait to start school and see her classroom. Second year in a row she’s said she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up!

We got her teacher a small gift, we always do each year. Teachers deserves it!

The morning before school, we had donuts for breakfast! And some cute signs and things to make the morning special! These years go by so fast, and I want to make them memorable for my kids!

The traditional front porch photos! I look forward to these photos every single year, they are just the best. I love watching her grow up.

We all drove to school together since Kevin was off work. I walked Hadley into school while Kevin and Huxley hung around outside.

I think we are passed the tears phase of the first day of school, she was super excited and all smiles. She was not nervous at all! She didn’t want me to take a photo in the classroom, so I stood in the hallway and snapped one real quick! I mean look at that smile! So excited.

After school, Hadley was a little bit riled up. It was a long day, getting up early! She came home and showed us her planner, her folders, and the teacher newsletter explaining all the things.

Happy new school year to all the kiddos!

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