Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Soccer, walks, softball, llama llama, and the lake!

Monday August 28
Started chores after taking the first week of school off. After school drop off, Huxley and I took a walk on the trail. Huxley was a little cranky today, he knocked off the plant in the family room and it shattered all over the place. Hadley had a Monday night soccer game. It was a busy Monday!

Tuesday August 29
Took a walk at the trail with Huxley! After school, Hadley had meet the teacher so we went up to school and checked out her classroom and teacher. Kevin took her to softball practice, and then came home and went to bed pretty much. Before I went to bed, I looked out our bedroom window and saw two deer just chilling in our backyard.

Wednesday August 30
Took a walk solo! Went home to get ready and went to the llama llama book tour. Huxley loves the llama llama books, and it was so cute to go to story time. We bought him a mini stuffed animal of the llama guy and he started sleeping with him!

Thursday August 31
Walked with a fire wife in the morning, it was so nice to meet up with her! Kevin and her husband were in the fire department training together.

Friday September 1
Walked around the neighborhood and did a HITT workout with weights at home. Hadley has double header games on Friday nights for softball, and it was my turn to finally take her to a game! I was so excited to see her play on her new team. Kevin and Huxley left after the first game, and then we had a long two hour break in between games. I went to my van to grab my chair, and realized I put my keys in the diaper bag with Kevin that is home. We managed to have the neighbor teenager come and sit at the house while Huxley was sleeping, and Kevin dropped off the keys to me. And very sad news happened in the middle of the night, Jimmy Buffet passed away. He was one of my faves!

Saturday September 2
Worked out at home and did a HIIT video with weights. Hadley had a soccer game, and it was miserably hot out. After the soccer game, we went to the pool for a little bit to cool off. Kevin worked the University of Cincinnati football game, he was loving it!

Sunday September 3
Went to the lake to celebrate Brady graduating high school, and for Labor Day weekend. We forgot the other set of monitors at our house, so we borrowed the neighbors and oh my goodness. I could never have had video monitors for Hadley and Huxley, I would literally sit there and watch them sleep. Brady had some friends at the lake, and family came by to say congratulations! It was a pretty chill weekend; and Hadley just loves to fish.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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