Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! The batting cage, walks at the trail, Dumbledore, and the Barbie movie!

Monday September 25
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. After Hadley got home from school, and finished all her homework, we all went to her school for her to practice hitting. Huxley and I ventured around the field while Kevin and her hit in the batting cage. When we got home, we grilled steak and asparagus for dinner.

Tuesday September 26
Wild turkeys just casually crossing through our backyard, while Huxley and I had breakfast. Sometimes I’ll open the kitchen window, and he loves to listen to the birds outside while he eats. Took Hadley to softball practice after dinner, and we stayed for a little bit and watched. Huxley made a friend; it was this cute little girl that kept talking to him. I told the little girl a few times that he’s not talking yet, but she insisted on talking to him it was adorable!

Wednesday September 27
Went to the walking trail, and it’s so sad to see these deer in all the dirt while construction is going on. We didn’t walk too long because it started raining. When we got home, Huxley tried to hide next to the garbage cans from the rain. He never wants to go inside! The rest of the day was a lazy rainy day for the most part. I saw this funny meme about Taylor Swift, and all the Travis Kelce drama!

Thursday September 28
Took another walk at the trail, the leaves were so pretty! The actor Michael Gambon, best known for playing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies died at the age of 82. Later on in the day, we went outside and dodged the bees, and I took some photos of our hydrangeas in the front yard. I’m going to miss all the flowers here pretty soon, when the cold weather starts to arrive.

Friday September 29
Kevin came home from working a 48-hour shift and headed straight to bed. Huxley misses him when he’s at work for sure. Hadley had her last softball game for fall ball, and we didn’t even know it! We thought she had another two weeks, but we were wrong. Tournaments are next!

Saturday September 30
Took a walk around the neighborhood, this weather is crazy! It gets super warm, and then cool, and then warm again. My flowers don’t know what’s going on, and I never know whether to keep watering them or let them go because I think the colder temps are here to stay and then mother nature throws a curve ball, and it gets warm again. Huxley tried Chick fil-a sauce with his chicken and loved it. For Hadley’s birthday date, we did a movie night after Huxley went to bed. Since Kevin was at work again, I did a few movie themed activities during the day, and then the actual movie at night. The movie was Barbie!

Sunday October 1
This week was rough, Kevin worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Did a walk around the neighborhood. And that’s about the only photo I took! Hadley had a birthday party to go to, and then we came home, ate dinner, the kids bathed and showered, and then went to bed.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Our weather is all over the place too and I never know how to dress (and forget about my poor plants!). I’ve given up and am treating them as a survival of the fittest at this point. It sounds like a busy week; so hard to believe fall ball is already ending.

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