Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Haircut for Huxley, playing outside, and lots and lots of softball.

Monday October 9
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. Got a car wash in the morning. After Hadley got home from school, we have been staying outside until it’s time for dinner. It’s been so so nice outside lately!

Tuesday October 10
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. Huxley was in need of a haircut badly, he managed to get through this one better than all the rest. He’s not a fan of trimmers! But a sucker and facetime helped a ton. Played outside again, until dinner time. Came inside and tried on some of the shoes our hair girl gave him, he loves them!

Wednesday October 11
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. I’ve been taking a shower mid-morning lately, and with Huxley it’s a whirlwind. He roams around our bedroom, gets into everything, but it helps me get more done during his nap time with not having to shower during that time. One of the houses nearby always has the cutest skeletons dressed up in the yard! I’ve always wondered how they store all of those human sized skeletons in their home! Hadley had her first ever volleyball practice, and Kevin met us at school to get Huxley and take him home to feed him and put to bed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Kevin was walking down the hall as Huxley was walking around the halls in the gym. On the way home from practice, Hadley and I stopped and bought a Powerball ticket. I always check on the kids before I go to bed, and I found Hadley sleeping with her leg up, just like her dad does sometimes.

Thursday October 12
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. I took Hadley to her softball practice, without Huxley. I brought my book and sat there and read a few chapters, it was so nice!

Friday October 13
Started out the morning with a workout on the Nike fit app. While I was on a work call, Huxley managed to color on the stairs with an orange marker. Luckily, it was a washable marker, and we need to replace the carpet anyways, so I wasn’t too upset! Also, Sam’s Club baby wipes are amazing they get out soo many things! Hadley had volleyball practice again, and we played outside until it was time to go. We found a ton of ladybugs on our front porch; Hadley was trying to catch as many as she could.

Saturday October 14
Hadley had her first tournament for her softball team, and she was so excited! We drove over to my parents so they could watch Huxley, the tournament was going to be out in the cold temperatures and long hours, so it was best for Huxley to not go. One of the moms on the softball team offered to make the girls Halloween themed shirts for the tournament, and they had the option to spray paint their hair too. Hadley loved it. The second game the team got to play on turf, they were super excited! The games were freezing, it was so so cold, and I did not dress appropriately at all. It was cold, windy, and at times misty rainy. Soo not fun weather for softball!

Sunday October 15
Second day of the softball tournament, my parents watched Huxley again and we knew it was probably not going to be as long as the previous day. It was one and done on the second day of the tournament. The weather was chilly again, but I dressed way better this time! I had four layers of tops, two layers of pants, and a blanket. So much warmer! Hadley’s softball team ended up losing all of the games they played, but it was a great experience for them, and they did good!

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Okay that is a lot of full sized human skeletons to find room for in the house! LOL. I always wonder how/where so many people store all their seasonal decorations as I feel like we are pretty low key for most holidays over here and I just can not see paying for a place to store them even though I know many people do.

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