Weekly recap.

Recapping our week on the blog! Lots of playing outside, ladybugs, pumpkin project, and Kevin’s birthday!

Monday October 23
They township we live in has been repaving the main street, and we couldn’t be more excited. The street has been awful for at least five years, since we moved in! Huxley loves to watch all the trucks and construction vehicles, so we walked up the road after school to check it out. After Huxley went to bed, Hadley and I got some mums and haystacks for our front porch. And then before bed, Hadley started to work on her pumpkin project.

Tuesday October 24
Huxley eating breakfast! Some mornings he devours his eggs, and other mornings he isn’t a huge fan. I do give him eggs almost every day, so he may get bored some days. After homework was all done, we went outside to play. We have so many ladybugs on the exterior of our house, and these weird bugs that are red and black but not lady bugs. Whenever it’s time to go inside, Huxley throws a full-fledged tantrum. This day he ran over to our neighbor’s garage and tries to get away. It’s pretty comical. I finished my second book, I’m so proud of myself!

Wednesday October 25
Hadley got an out of uniform pass the day before, and she always wants to use it the very next day. We always try to convince her to save it for a random day, but she just can’t. After school, Kevin cut the grass, and we played outside. Hadley finished her pumpkin project, she had to pick a character from a book and make a pumpkin out of the character. It was a fun project for her! And I started my third book!

Thursday October 26
After school, I bribed Hadley with going to Starbuck’s if she would go to our cousin’s house and drop off a little something to Kevin’s godson. I tried the pumpkin foam with the chai tea, and it was delicious!

Friday October 27
Hadley read a book in one day, and she took an accelerated reader test on it today and got a 100%. She amazes me, and I constantly tell her she inspires me to read more! She got her school photos, and they are so cute!

Saturday October 28
The only photo I took on a Saturday! I went shopping with my mom late afternoon, and then went to dinner. We bought Hadley some Bengals jammies!

Sunday October 29
Kevin’s birthday! We celebrated by chilling at home. We had a roast, carrots, and potatoes for dinner. My parents came over, and we watched the Bengals win! It was a chill calm day!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! And as always, thanks for reading!

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